The Ultimate Rifle Accessories for an Amazing Hunting Day

By  //  July 9, 2021

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Hunting can be an extremely entertaining activity or a very frustrating one depending on how well-prepared you are. While the possibility of finding a good target does depend largely on luck, how efficiently you can take it down and secure yourself a good meal depends on how well-prepared you are.

Here we have compiled a list of the most useful hunting accessories for rifles that will not only make your next hunt more fruitful but also more enjoyable.

1.  Sand Sock

On the subject of quick accurate shots, you need to be able to repeat these and to execute quality shots consecutively you will need a sand sock. Sand socks can either be used to cushion the bore of the gun, or you could use them near the butt of the gun in a bi-pod formation. Moreover, you can dig the butt into the sand sock so the gun recoils to this crevice after a shot. In this way, your firing position stays consistent and your shot is always on the money.

2.  Rifle Sling

When you are out in the middle of a strategic hunt, the last thing you want is to be struggling to keep your rifle handy. Long-range weapons are hefty devices on their own and when you add on accessories it can be a bit much to carry around. A rifle sling helps you wear the weapon on your shoulder and makes it possible to carry more than one weapon at a time.

3.  Bullets

Even the same kind of weapon can require different ammunition depending on the scenario and the application. While there are many types of bullets you can use you also want to make sure you have enough in store to keep you going throughout your hunt. Ideally, you should be carrying as many as you can so you never face the problem of running out and it should be a mix of both short-range and long-range bullets.

4.  Optics

Many people like to go old-school and use iron sights to pin down prey. Though the firearm opticians at BadAssOptic suggest that the kind of optics you use are just as, if not more, important than the weapon itself. If you can spot prey it doesn’t matter how much firepower you have as you’ll just be shooting into the dark. Especially for long-range shots, having the right scope will make all the difference.

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5.  Rangefinder

Speaking of long-range shots, you might want to consider a rangefinder to help analyze the shot. There are several benefits to having a quality rangefinder handy, the most important of which is you waste less time. In a hunting situation time and accuracy are the things you rely on the most, with a rangefinder you can eliminate all the guesswork.

6.  Shooting Sticks

In conjunction with sand socks investing in a pair of good shooting sticks is always a good idea. These sticks are meant to be placed into the ground so that you can rest the forearm of the rifle on them while taking a shot. Back in the day, they were made out of wood, but today you can get shooting sticks made from carbon fiber with various adjustments and features. The best shooting stick is one that works for your environment and caters to your style of weapon use. Those with shock absorbers and various hand grips provide unmatched stability and weapon control.

7.  Bi-Pod

If you are a long-range hunter who prefers a more stealthy position then a bi-pod is what you need. Much like the tripods these devices hold the fore-end of the weapon and provide support from the barrel until the center of the gun while the weight of the gun rests on two legs. This allows for both vertical and horizontal maneuvering while you stay fixed in a prone position.

The latest bi-pod solutions offer spring-loaded legs, locking mechanisms, and even the ability to adjust the height on each leg independently. This will definitely go a long way in improving your abilities on the hunting ground.

8.  Muzzle Brake

If you are using a high-caliber weapon then a muzzle brake can not only be a fantastic way to keep the weapon where you want it to be but also a great way to keep your shoulder in its socket. Rifles are notorious for their massive recoil and muzzle brakes will help reduce this problem by redirecting the gases produced in the barrel when the bullet is fired, back towards the operator, or out towards the sides of the gun.

This helps keep the gun in position and uses the gases produced during firing as a stabilizing force for the gun. There are various muzzle brake designs available and you should research the different kinds to see which will work best for your application.