Things I Learned to Do Using The Internet During COVID-19 Lockdown

By  //  July 18, 2021

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The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty to our lives and daily routines. For someone like me who preferred to spend a lot of time outside, the lockdowns and restrictions were a huge turn-off. 

Luckily, I could find a lot of entertainment online. Besides watching new seasons and movies, I discovered how the internet could be used to learn so many new things. So this is what I did on the internet to kill time!

1. Learned How Online Money Transfers and Banking Apps Work 

I had already signed up with a few money transfer apps and had an active bank account. However, I considered myself dumber than a beginner when it came to their online use. I wasn’t too confident in sending or receiving funds online so I got down to discover how it worked. 

My first step was to learn how to activate and use my Cash App card. Although I had been using the app, the reloadable card definitely made shopping a bit easier. With a little help from my friends, I also figured out how to link different banks or accounts together to allow money transfer between them. 

2. Online Photo Editing Software and Where To Find Them 

Editing pictures and videos were alien tasks to me. I always assumed they take up too much time so I could never set my mind to learn how editing should be done and what were the best platforms to try for beginners. 

With ample time on my hands, I finally found a couple of photo editing software online such as Pixlr X. The best part was that most of them gave detailed guidelines to the starters. This included an introduction to the available tools and suggestions on how to improve editing skills. Fair to say, I enjoyed doing this so much that it became a new hobby to pass time! 

3. Figured Out How To Improve My Network Settings and Configuration

Most of us leave our internet settings or network configuration to default since we are not aware of how to toggle with them for our benefit. 

However, each router and WiFi setting comes with detailed options in the background that you can alter as per your need. There are solid chances that the overall performance of your device and internet would improve once you do so. 

So I decided to use the internet to make my internet better! It took just a couple of days to figure out how to make my network more secure, how to enable or disable IGMP proxying, how to restrict unknown devices from connecting to my home WiFi, and much more! A simple tutorial on YouTube would do you wonders. Try it out! 

4. Cryptocurrency and Mining 

Seriously, how could I leave this trend behind? The introduction of cryptocurrency and bitcoin triggered interest around the world. Consequently, millions of people quickly signed up with different mining platforms to invest some money. 

Since I had already lagged behind, I used the initial days of the lockdown to learn more about cryptocurrency and how to invest in it. Although the stability of the digital currency is still a huge issue, the technology is definitely going somewhere with paper money becoming more and more irrelevant with every passing day. 

Wrap Up 

So, this is how I spend my days in the lockdown. I was glad to make my time more productive and useful. Were you? 

Let me know about what new things you learned and how you chose to spend your time amidst Covid-19 restrictions.