Top Pond Ideas to Redecorate Your Summer Garden

By  //  July 23, 2021

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Nothing beats sitting out in your garden in those cool summer evenings, but if you’ve been stuck home this past year you’re probably bored of the same old garden too! You’ve probably wondered time and time again about what you can do to change it up a bit, and that’s likely what landed you here. 

Introducing a pond to your garden is a great option if you’re bored of picking out the same old plants and flowers, or if you’re going for a more simple change.

Making a pond may take some time but the effort is worth it, and once you’re sure the pond is up and running you don’t have to do a single thing! But it’s not enough to just have a single body of water laying around in the middle of your backyard.

If you want to make a pond in your backyard, you’ll need some things like a pond liner, a shovel, and you can’t even add regular tap water into it!

You can find a lot more information on it from aquatic ponds and other websites. And if you already have one you’re looking to spice up a bit, keep reading! We’ll talk about all the ways you can decorate your garden pond and get the most out of it this summer! 

Add Some Fish 

Animals have a way of livening up a place, be it a pond or a home. If you’re looking to make your pond a bit more interesting, you can try putting in some fish in the pond and see how that works. 

Not only are fish just the thing your pond probably needs,but they’re also great at keeping pests and algae at bay. If your pond gets too rich in nutrients, that’s what’ll happen to it. But if you introduce some fish into the mix you can easily get rid of any pets and algae in your garden. 

You can’t add just any kind of fish in your pond though. Fish like Koi and Goldfish are the most popular choices for ponds, but there are other kinds you can consider too. 

Decorative Lighting 

Ponds shimmer in the day and their surface reflects the sunlight during the day – it really is a beautiful sight – but what happens when the sun sets and your pond turns nearly invisible? Well, a quick fix to this issue is to install lights in your pond. This way your pond will be a sight to behold no matter what time of the day it is. 

And it doesn’t just stop at simple lighting that you’ll string along the corners. You can use LEDs, different colors, and even bright, blinking lights that glow in patterns. Mix it up a bit and get super creative with your ideas – it’s your pond’s time to shine! 

Water Fountains 

Sometimes looking at stagnant water can get boring, and it’s not exactly healthy for your pond either. An easy solution is to install a small water fountain inside it. You can choose an array of designs and ideas, and not all of them are the same, boring old concrete statues. 

If your pond is a bit bigger, try installing a fountain asymmetrically instead of placing it in the middle. This way your pond might look a bit more interesting and stand out. You can also place multiple small statues around the pond, or install a single “waterfall” in one corner. 

Add Ornaments 

Ornaments and decoration pieces like miniature bridges and small statues are a great way to add personality to your garden ponds. Just pick the aesthetic you like and make sure the placement of the ornaments makes sense. Too many ornaments placed haphazardly will look more messy than interesting, but if you do it right it can have a really striking effect. 

The right garden design courses should teach you the right way to balance different decor pieces.

Decorating your pond for the summer really isn’t hard – all you need is a little bit of imagination and anything is possible. Just remember not to put anything in the pond that would spoil it or overpower the calm, serene aura that ponds normally have.