What is a Fathers Rights Attorney?

By  //  July 7, 2021

One main topic that often arises when talking about legal separation or divorce of a married couple is who would get the custody of the children? Does the mother automatically get them?

What about their relationship with their father? What are the father’s rights when it comes to providing support and acquiring visitation rights for the children? All of these questions, plus other relevant and related queries about it, can be answered by an experienced father’s rights attorney.

What is a father’s rights attorney?

As the name suggests, father’s rights attorneys are considered experts when discussing paternity rights and family law. For example, when going through a divorce, the father can consult a father’s rights attorney to know more about how they can fight for his rights to have a relationship with their children still.

This is especially true if there are damaging conflicts between the couple, but the father still wants custody.

Ultimately, the court decides who gets custody and the terms on child support and visitation rights. The main priority of the court is the child’s best interest.

However, if you still want to fight for your children, then it is crucial that you have the proper knowledge and information on how you are going to get on with this. Hiring a father’s rights attorney is one big step to achieving this.

What are the responsibilities of a father’s rights attorney?

Helps you understand the laws on father’s rights

The father’s rights are bound by the laws, meaning the laws are what can grant you what you want regarding your child custody. It is a father’s rights attorney’s responsibility to inform you of all of these rights. However, it is also their task to tell if yours is an impossible case or if you have no chance of winning at all. 

Provides advice on what are the best measures to take next

Once you have consulted with your attorney and you have settled on what you want to achieve in this case, they will advise you on what you should and should not do next for you, not negatively affect your chances.

Assists you during the entire legal process with paperwork

From submitting your case to drafting the legal documents, your father’s rights attorney can take charge of every paperwork necessary. Especially to those who have no knowledge about the legal process, your attorney is there to guide you and do the legwork for you.

Gathers enough evidence to support your claim

Your father’s rights attorney is also responsible for gathering pieces of evidence and collecting testimonials that can be used to solidify your case and support your requests.

Represents you in court

They can also speak before the court of law on your behalf. For example, they will represent you during negotiations or when there is a need to advocate you before the family court judge.

Helps you win your case

The goal of every father’s rights attorney is to help every father that needs advice and other forms of assistance when it comes to fighting for their rights regarding their child’s custody. They will do everything to make sure that you win your case and have your requests granted.

Houston fathers rights attorney are experts when it comes to paternity rights as well as family law. Consider consulting first before taking action. This is to ensure that you would not lose your rights with your children. They offer a free consultation, so make sure to take advantage of that and contact them now.