What Licenses are Considered Safe for an Online Casino?

By  //  July 30, 2021

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Online casinos are a global thing and most operators are trying to spread their availability as much as possible. To make such a thing possible, they need to offer a lot of things to convince players to register on their website.

Of course, things like a number of games or welcome bonuses are the first to come to mind but not the most important ones. The most important thing is safety.

So, providers are trying to provide excellent service in this field, which includes a lot of things. Of course, personal data security is the first thing that comes to mind, but there are also things like under-aged gambling, problem gambling protection, payment methods etc. From the player’s perspective, the obvious proof that a certain casino is safe is to have a license.

Therefore, gaining a license isn’t just reserved for the presence on a certain market. These licenses are evaluated globally and as there are still so many countries around the world that allow online gambling but haven’t developed their licensing system, players from those parts of the world can only rely on regulations from other countries.

From that perspective, gaining a certain license is not just proof that a casino is safe, but also a matter of prestige. So, all these operators are trying to get more licenses than they really need to do business.

Naturally, there is a hierarchy among licenses as well and that’s the reason why we want to show you the most renowned licenses a casino can get. These licenses mean that you can count on a high level of safety, but also on perfect playing experience, fair chances of winning, excellent customer support, and other things.

Here are the licenses that are considered the safest for an online casino:

UK Gambling Commission License

With the gambling tradition that measures in hundreds of years, it’s no wonder that the United Kingdom was one of the first countries to accept online casinos as a legal and genuine form of gambling. Therefore, this field has been regulated years ago and covers pretty much every single aspect of online gambling. To operate on UK soil, operators must get a license from UK Gambling Commission.  

To get this license, operators have to meet all kinds of criteria, which are very high. This refers not just to data security, but to things like protection of vulnerable groups, fair gambling, excellent playing experience etc.

For a casino operator, having this license is a matter of prestige. For players, this license means that they may count on the highest standards of the online casino industry. Casinos with such a license have excellent gaming platforms, keep players’ funds separated, offer all kinds of payment methods, problem gambling protection, excellent customer support etc.

Malta Gaming Authority License

Only those who are new in the world of online casinos may wonder why this license is so important. It is the most popular license among operators and, as you may presume, the market size definitely isn’t a reason. The thing with this license is that it is so comprehensive that it has become a role for virtually every country that is about to regulate online gambling.

The reasons why both players and operators prefer this license are numerous. Of course, there is the matter of safety, which is at the highest level. The Malta Gaming Authority requires high standards in terms of data protection, protection of vulnerable groups, problem gambling etc. Also, there are pretty strict rules when it comes to casino platforms, which means that players may count on excellent software.

Also, a great thing to know is that this license covers all forms of online betting, not just casinos. Players definitely like the fact that operators are not restricted to certain providers. This means that casinos with MGA License usually offer an impressive selection of games on all kinds of platforms.

Curacao E-Gaming License 

The small Caribbean island has a 25-year tradition when it comes to online gambling regulation. The Curacao E-gaming Licensing Authority was established way back in 1996, while the first licenses were issued in 1998. Also, an important thing about this license is that Curacao is Dutch territory, so it falls under EU jurisdiction. 

When it comes to the benefits of having this license, we should mention first that this is an extremely comprehensive license, which covers a lot of things that most legal acts don’t. This particularly refers to fair chances of winnings and the general quality of playing experience. Also, a great thing to know is that online casinos with this license have an impressive offer of games, which includes virtually every major provider in the world.

Gibraltar Gambling Commission License

Along with UKGC and MGA, this is one of the most prestigious licenses an online casino can have. So, having a license issued from GGC is definitely a matter of prestige. However, it is also highly beneficial for players and operators in so many ways. When it comes to benefits to operators, low taxation is one of the first things that come to mind.

On the other side, players would definitely like the fact that this license means top-tier standards in terms of safety. Also, players may count on an impressive offer of games, as well as on prompt payments without putting player’s money at any risk.  

Danish/Swedish Gambling Authority Licenses

These two licenses are pretty similar and they have quickly gained super-high reputations, especially among players in Europe. Denmark started this licensing process first. In 2013, the Danish Gambling Authority became an independent body and soon after, we saw the first regulations, including the licensing method. Sweden followed the same example, so legislations in the two countries are pretty similar.

Having these licenses is primarily beneficial for players in these two countries. This is particularly important in cases of disputes, as players may count on full access to the country’s legal resources.

Players from other parts of the world will find this license beneficial in terms of safety, while it’s also interesting to mention that these licenses put a lot of attention to bonuses, requiring operators to provide clear and concise information and leave no room for different interpretations.