Why Movies Based on Books Are So Successful?

By  //  July 26, 2021

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No matter how big the film industry is, it still maintains the same relationship with the book industry. In other words, the book industry is still one the same position where it was and there is no impact on the progress of the film industry. 

It is very hard to find any book that will get any type of iconic status alone. There are various reasons involved. At the present time, it is very hard to crack.

People prefer watching videos rather than reading books. So, this attitude towards books is one of the major reasons why this industry is constantly shrinking. 

However, the same thing can’t demonstrate that the relationship between the two industries has been broken. Ian Fleming has created the character James Bond and it is believed that this is the character to be played next by Rege-Jean Page in various online casinos. Betway Casino comes with look at the most successful book-to-film adoptions.  

One thing is to keep in mind that there are a number of films that have adopted the story from various books. So, these written stories have been mutually beneficial for both industries because these industries have flourished by these books and their inspiring stories.

When a film is being made based on a story, it is manually beneficial to both the film and book industries. However, the movie writers are capable of leaning on the books and their legacies will be kept alive with the help of film versions. However, most of the movies can be seen that are based on popular book series that allow themselves to be successful film stories. 

There are a number of instances we can find like Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit. These books are iconic and top of popularity.

However, filmmakers have adopted the story from these books and they have been a commercial success. These are some of the top ten grossing films that are based on books. These stories have been created in history and still, these movies attract millions of viewers around the world. 

Quantity always matters and it builds the popularity of the franchise along with the audience and the hype increasing with the release of the movies.

However, one thing is to keep in mind that, there is no chance that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II will have flopped just after seven books and seven films have built the hysteria around the series. So, the popularity speaks a volume about all these movies. 

It has been strengthened by IMDB ratings that suggest that this is the most popular story adoption from book to film not only in the terms of financial success but also in the terms of criticality. Among the highest-grossing movies in books, only two are rated among the top 10 on IMDB.

The data also shows that, among the ten most popular films on IMDB, almost seven are standalone releases. Needless to mention, these movies are commercially successful movies that have gained popularity around the globe. While comparing the Harry Potter ratings with other successful movies, it was successful because of the quality of the book series and it has inspired the movies to make the movies historical. 

According to experts, Goodreads rating system lends itself to more generous scores and it is always known for striking the single rating which is higher compared to any other movie.

The theme of the various popular and historical book series results in the most successful movies that have been financially acclaimed and it is known to all.  

For instance, six of the seven stand-alone releases in the top ten rated IMDB movies that have been adopted from the books, are rated higher by IMDB compared to the Goodreads. According to critics, the movies earned better appreciation than the books and didn’t gross as highly as films made with higher-rated books. 

One thing to make clear is that one of the top ten highest-grossing books that has been adopted by movies; no movies have exceeded the popularity of books so far. Harry Potter novels, Alice in the Wonderland, and The Hobbit books are more popular than the movies and still, people prefer to read them rather than watching movies of these stories.