3 Advantages of Using Metal for Customized Tables

By  //  August 30, 2021

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Metal is often thought of as a material that is mostly used for construction, buildings, factories, or industrial settings. Metal, being edgy and bold, is mostly intended to be utilized for large-scale industrial projects where its endurance, robustness, and longevity— as a key advantage — would be most noticeable.

Nearly everything we use, from immense city buildings to pint-sized forks on our homes, is made of metal or is constructed using metal equipment. With that, metal has been frequently described to be the backbone of modern industry. Without it, raw materials for other industries would not be provided.

The importance of metal to the global industrial setting cannot be denied. However, throughout time, people started to venture not just on the chemical and physical properties of metal, but also its aesthetic value. People have then discovered the aesthetic appeal and the special flair metal adds, as well as the distinctive touch it provides to their respective households.

Following that, various designers, architects, and interior engineers in the modern contemporary era have then started to inoculate the usage of metal as a design concept— not just for the structural framework of houses— but also the furniture present and the overall visual impact of the area itself. 

At some point, custom metal tables for homes or businesses become extensively popular as decorative elements in high-end residences. The advantages of integrating custom metal tables for your home or business, on the other hand, go beyond their visual appeal. Custom metal tables come with various benefits, and purchasing one is the best decision to make!

Stated on the following are the reasons why:


As the old saying goes, wood lasts a lifetime. With that, wooden furniture has been the most popular choice since it is believed to be able to endure such a long duration. While the usage of wood is certainly durable, metal would still outperform it in terms of strength and longevity; this makes metal the only strong competitor of wood when it comes to quality table craftsmanship.

However, every time a custom wood table is compared to a custom metal table, metal has always recorded a higher degree of strength— even a typical piece of metal supports more than a thousand pounds.

In addition, the characteristics of wood as a material gradually alter over time. It loses its tensile strength, suddenly becoming structurally weak, and then would start to discolor, swiftly appearing on a different hue. Custom metal tables, on the other hand, do not deteriorate in strength over time and can be readily maintained with the appropriate maintenance procedures.

If the time comes that the furniture is ever damaged, you can easily fix it using a do-it-yourself procedure to make it appear like a new model in just a short period. No need for professional help anymore, you just need nuts and bolts from nearby hardware shops. 

At this point, it is clear that metal-based table furniture is indeed reliable when dealing with strength, endurance, and maintenance. This makes metal a keystone material of the furniture industry serving as the workhorse or the standard-bearer of quality. In fact, custom metal tables’ craftsmanship and durability have been proven through time.

It has been stated that the table furniture’s fabric and filling will age and worn out before the metal table itself since metal is a very resilient material. These metal-based tables can withstand rough treatment without severe damage, will never crumble under pressure, and can still be highly operational with optimum functioning.

For this reason, it is ideal and well-suited for use with children around or in a large group setting such as residents living together in dormitories and apartments, commercial businesses such as café and restaurants, or even hospitals and hotels lounges. 

Trouble-free Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, custom metal tables are simple and easy to maintain from the table’s legs up until its frame. The process is not hard to follow: simply take a wet towel and some soap, and you can now do the trick of wiping it off. Your custom metal table will stay in the finest condition with no additional techniques, tools, or special cleaners such as chemical agents that are most likely harmful to your skin and the environment.

Although mere water and soap are enough, using ordinary home items like baking soda, vinegar, salt, and lemon juice, is possible and acceptable to quickly clean your metal table. This would avoid tarnish build-up and would maintain the attractiveness and aesthetics of your metal furniture. Custom metal tables, being low maintenance in cleaning, makes it even more worth the purchase!

Visual Appeal

Given the fact that metal is still regarded as an industrial material, you can make use of this advantage while decorating your interiors through the utilization of metal in your house design for both functional and aesthetic purposes. As a matter of fact, a custom metal coffee table can be seamlessly integrated into your living space if the dimensions are just right.

Metal can also be used in conjunction with wood interiors to provide a contemporary, edgy twist to the traditional hardwood appearance. By customizing your metal table, you may experiment on blending metals with different materials coming up with various combinations; choosing custom metal table legs, for example, and using it to support a top that is either wooden or made of glass.


Your home’s interior decor will benefit from custom metal tables. Make your furniture last while being chic and exciting by using metal.