3 Factors To Consider When Hiring An Outsourced Controller Services

By  //  August 9, 2021

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An outsourced controller is someone your company hires to assist your CFO or CEO. Anything like bookkeeping, cash management, accounting systems, and more can be handled by an outsourced financial controller.

Small and large businesses alike benefit from an outsourced financial controller. Of course, you have to know what to look for in order to hire the right controller for your company. Because there are so many organizations and freelancers on the market, making the decision can be a bit difficult.

Luckily, hiring the right outsourced financial controller for you comes down to three important factors: experience, personality, and cost. Let’s take a look at each of these factors in more detail so that you can start getting your finances in order sooner rather than later.

3 Factors To Consider

1. Experience

As you already know, experience is the most important factor to consider when hiring any staff member to your team, and that includes the outsourced financial controller. You want your controller to have experience in businesses of your size.

For hiring any outsourced controller, talk about their qualifications, education, and experience on the job. It is always a better idea to pay extra for a qualified employee than underpay for someone you can’t trust or who doesn’t know what they are doing. It will cost you in the long run.

2. Personality

Even though many outsourced financial controllers work remotely, you want to consider the personality of your controller. Make sure that the controller meshes well with your company and its goals. Just because work is remote does not mean you don’t have to worry about personality fit within the company.

It’s most important that the personality of your controller matches the financial goals you want to achieve. For example, you want a fast working and motivated controller if you need to reach financial goals quickly and efficiently. You might want a more personable controller if you want to retain a mom-and-pop feel for your growing business.

3. Cost   

Finally, the last factor to consider is cost. Obviously, you do not want to overpay for a controller who is not educated or experienced. At the same time, you do not want to underpay for a controller either. If a controller is asking for notably less than the competition, their skills are likely less than adequate.

With this in mind, it’s best to shoot for a controller who charges within the median tier. This will ensure that they are not overpriced, but they are highly qualified too. If you have a large enough budget to get the best that money can buy, hiring a controller slightly above the median tier will certainly not let you down either.

Final Thoughts

Hiring outsourced controller services can be a bit scary, but with these three factors in mind, you can find the right service for you. With the help of these factors, you will be able to find an outsourced controller that is experienced, fits in with your company, and is fairly priced.