4 Ways to Empower Women Without Spending a Fortune

By  //  August 6, 2021

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Do you know that worldwide, women have 25% fewer legal rights and own 50% less wealth? Celebrating International Women’s Day isn’t enough to recognize the efforts that women put into their lives every day. The fact that you are in this world because of a woman is something that you should be grateful for.

And yet, you come across news regarding women’s malnutrition, female feticide, and lack of access to education for young girls.

Do you now see why a single day isn’t the solution to so many problems? If you want to do something for women, you should try to empower them in every possible way. It isn’t necessary to contribute thousands as a token of charity. Here are a few ways you can empower women without spending big bucks:

■ Provide clean water

Clean water is the ticket to a better life. You will be surprised to know that thousands of women and girls worldwide spend nearly 200 million hours to get water instead of attending classes? And the water they get isn’t clean either. A source of clean water at hand will stop them from walking miles every day. Instead, they can spend that time studying, playing, and spending time with their families. Take the initiative of digging a well or installing a hand pump that provides clean water.

■ Contribute to a scholarship program

If you want to contribute some money to a women’s welfare scheme, contribute to a scholarship program. Scholarships give women a chance to pursue the type of education they want without spending much money. For example, Global 360 recently partnered with Youth for Seva, a charitable institution in India, to sponsor tertiary education for ten engineering and medical students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Similarly, find an NGO that works for women and see if they have any scholarship programs. Contribute to them and help young women get easier access to education.

■ Mentor a girl

You will often see homeless kids running around aimlessly doing nothing. They would beg or do useless stuff that doesn’t contribute to their well-being. Sadly, there are too many girls out there who need help. But there aren’t many people who offer the support they need. You can be an exception by mentoring a girl.

Take care of her clothes, food, and education. This isn’t similar to giving foster care. Mentoring means guiding the child to lead a good life instead of spending time doing useless things.

■ Invest in a handicraft business

Many women from the villages don’t get enough capital to pursue their handicraft skills. Pottery, once a popular art form, may soon go out of business due to a lack of investment. You can find a handicraft business with potential, but the women behind don’t have money to buy the necessary raw materials. You can even encourage them by providing the raw materials and asking them to share the profits among themselves.

Empowering women is easy if you feel like doing it. Join hands with others to make the world a better place for women where everyone treats them equally.