6 Ways to Wear Your Branding

By  //  August 25, 2021

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Promotional products are a popular way to spread the word about a brand in style. These are often items people can wear or use, especially in public spaces, serving as the brands’ walking ads. Most promotional products are used as giveaway items or sold to support a particular business or organization. These branded marketing items, when done right, have been proven to improve brand recall. 

Therefore, it is important to be strategic in choosing marketing products to promote your brand. If you are going to wear your branding, it’s ideal to make it stylish and appealing to ensure people will use it. There are several items that can help promote your brand effectively.

1. Hats

Hats are an excellent idea for wearable branding as they are very visible when worn and adjustable to fit any person. These are great promotional products for sports brands and events taking place in the summer to keep the sun out of people’s eyes, for example, a golf outing, beach volleyball event, or marathon. 

Hats offer a small surface area to print a logo, so keep the logo or graphics simple. If you want to give out a promotional item in the winter months, consider using a beanie. They can also be done in your company colors to further promote your branding.

2. Sunglasses

Another great promotional item for summertime is sunglasses, as they block the sun. Though tricky because of size, sunglasses are effective promotional materials for advertising brands as people are more likely to keep and wear promotional sunglasses, especially if they are simple and durable. 

Be sure to use a versatile style and colorway and find durable sunglasses, as this is an item that tends to get sat on or dropped quite often. Also, be careful with where and how you place your logo. Research and compare several sunglass logo ideas to determine what will best work with your brand and logo. 

If you want to spice it up a bit, consider a solid black frame with tinted color lenses. This adds a unique style for the wearer without appearing too colorful and clashing. It will still appeal to a variety of style preferences.

3. Face Masks

Face masks are still very much in use, and with the cold season approaching, there may be an even larger need for face masks. In fact, there is an increasing usage and demand for branded face masks, making them a popular promotional material. Masks are also great items to convey to existing and potential clients that you are socially conscious and care about people’s health. 

Many people are gravitating toward reusable masks made of cloth that are comfortable to wear and machine washable, and some even tapping into fashion. Although wearing masks is serious business, this could be an opportunity to lighten the experience up with some creative branding graphics.

Some ideas could be putting a big smiley face on the mask or an inspirational phrase to help lift people’s spirits.

4. Apparel

Shirts, sweaters, and even jackets are classic promotional product styles that never get old. People love wearing apparel that shares information about an event they attended or a brand, cause, or organization they support. 

T-shirts and sweaters have a big space for graphics. You can easily have fun with it, but also be careful not to go too over the top with the graphics. Sometimes, you can say more with less, and a minimalist design can convey more meaning or stir curiosity.

Think about what will get other people to ask the wearer about their shirt. With the colder months just around the corner, consider hoodies or long sleeve t-shirts.

5. Bags

Bags are useful and can be taken anywhere by people; therefore, they can literally bring your brand to places. On average, a promotional bag can be seen by over 3,300 people in its lifetime. But when it comes to using this item as promotional material, think about how the people you are giving the product to will use it.

Tote bags are increasingly popular as they are lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, and very useful. They also come in many styles, making them a flexible choice as marketing material. Tote bags are neutral and can be used in many instances, but they are often used for errands and grocery shopping or when people go to the beach. 

If you are targeting teenagers, they may be more likely to use a drawstring backpack, while a business person may be more likely to use a dopp kit or laptop bag. Sports-oriented people will usually opt for a backpack or duffle. 

There’s more freedom to place your logo wherever you want with tote bags, as these tend to be more graphic-heavy. With other bag styles, people tend to like simplicity in logo placement. Know your brand and see where you can reach more prospective customers. 

6. Rubber Wrist Bands

Another easy and popular promotional product option is rubber wristbands. These are a good option for trade shows or large events as you can place them in a large bowl and allow people to take as they want. This is also an excellent item to throw into a larger item. For example, if you have a tote bag, a planner, or a back-to-school set you are handing out and want to have other items in it as well, consider wristbands. 

They may be small, but people enjoy bands that have fun colors with substantial sayings or quotes that are inspirational to them. This is a great opportunity to share more about your brand’s messaging and mission. 

Let Your Brand Be Worn

It takes time, energy, and capital to build a brand and much more to promote it and reach people. In choosing which items to use as promotional material, think of who you would want to wear it and where you would want them to use it to maximize its impact.

Also, keep it flexible and in style, so people can use and wear it for longer. Be creative and strategic in placing your brand logo or name to ensure people recall it effectively.