BREAKING: Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey Discusses New Mandatory Mask Policy Inside Brevard Courthouses

By  //  August 23, 2021

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BREAKING: Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey talks with Space Coast Daily about a new mask policy just handed down by 18th Circuit judges that mandates masks inside Brevard County courthouses.

BREVARD COUNTY • VIERA, FLORIDA – Brevard-Seminole 18th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Jessica Recksiedler handed down an administrative order last week requiring all those entering Brevard County courthouses to wear masks.

The administrative order, which became effective last Friday in Brevard, is not in effect in Seminole County as judges there voted not to require masks.

“I felt strongly that I needed to listen to my judicial colleagues who were overwhelmingly concerned about the increasing trend of COVID cases in Brevard,” said Recksiedler.

In an exclusive interview with Space Coast Daily, which can be seen above, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said he was “in full opposition” to the order because it is only required in Brevard,County, but not Seminole County.

According to the order, the Face Covering/Shield Requirement in Brevard County are:

A. Entry-Anyone entering a courthouse facility through any door, except children less than 2 years old, must wear a face covering. Litigants, attorneys, witnesses, and victims are strongly encouraged to bring their own face covering. If any person does not bring her or his own face covering, a court system representative will provide a mask at no cost.

B. Public Areas-Face coverings must be worn at all times throughout the public areas of the courthouse facilities, including lobbies, hallways, corridors, elevators, stairwells, restrooms and courtrooms.

C. Chambers and Private Offices-Judges and court system representatives do not have to wear face coverings in their private chambers or offices as long as social distancing is maintained. Court system representatives who do not have private offices, and where adequate social distancing is not observed, must wear face coverings at all times.

D. Denial of Entry-Entry to a courthouse facility will be denied to any person who refuses to wear a face covering or refuses to wear the face covering so that it properly covers the person’s nostrils and mouth completely. If after entry, any individual refusing to comply with the Sections E and F of this order shall be required to leave the courthouse facility.

E. Face Coverings in Courtrooms-Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required for everyone in the courtroom, with no exceptions. Face masks shall be worn at all times throughout the public areas of the courthouse building, including inside the courtroom if two or more individuals are in the courtroom. Presiding judges and quasi-judicial officers have the discretion to have any individual wearing an indecent or distracting face covering removed from the courtroom, and/or courthouse, if necessary.

F. Clear Face Masks-In Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC 21-17, it is stated that the chief judge may adopt a policy authorizing the use of clear face masks.3Therefore, all county and circuit judges in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit shall require the following persons to wear clear face masks while inside courtrooms: a) all testifying witnesses; b) all named parties to a case during trial, including defendants in criminal cases; and c) venire members during voir dire. Otherwise, standard cloth face masks are permitted to be used by any other individual in a courthouse facility.

Below are the Face Coverings/Shield Requirement in Seminole County:

All persons entering the Courthouse or attending an in-Court proceeding may wear a face mask if they choose, however they are not required to wear a facemask in Seminole Courthouse facilities upon entry. Should you wish to wear a face mask and do not have one, one may be available upon request. It is left up to the individual judge based on the capacity of the courtroom or proceedings if s/he chooses to require face masks within the courtroom. If the judge requires a face mask the individual is required to wear one during the proceedings.


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