Different Casino Game Categories That Offer You an Advantage

By  //  August 10, 2021

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While the average person might think that going to the casino simply means gambling and that the games you play simply depend on what you feel like playing, seasoned players know that not all casino games are the same. Some casino games are easier to win than others.

It’s undeniable that everyone goes to the casino first and foremost to win money, and having a good time is just a secondary priority. Plus, winning money is the best way to have a good time in the casino anyway. This is why it’s important to know which games offer you the best odds of winning and will more likely give you your money’s worth every time you go to the casino.

But before we look at which games you should be playing, let’s take a look first at the various game types that casinos generally offer.

Categories of Casino Games

Electronic Games

The prevalence of online casinos basically means that all games in there are electronic, but electronic games traditionally refer to games that are played in machines when you’re at a land-based casino. The most popular electronic games are slot machines and video poker.

Slots and video poker, despite being electronic games, can’t be more different with each other. Slot machines are always a luck-based proposition, and your winnings solely depend on how lucky you are on a given day. On the other hand, you have some control of your winnings when you play video poker as there’s a lot of decision-making involved.

Table Games

Table games are dealer-based games that are perhaps most synonymous with gambling and the casino experience. These games include well known casino staples such as roulette, baccarat, and craps.

These games involve plenty of decision-making, but at the end of the day, your results are luck-based and you lose all control on the outcome of each round after you’ve placed your bets. However, not all of these table games offer the same odds of winning.

Card Games

Card games, such as blackjack and poker, are perhaps the games where you have the most control. Your participation in these games goes beyond making your initial bets as you have to make various decisions as the game progresses.

However, card games aren’t always that friendly for beginners. There are skills and strategies that you need to learn in order to excel in these games, and beginners might even be taken advantage of by more experienced players. 

Lottery Style Games

Lottery style games are games that normally involve a random number generator, such as keno and bingo, where your results depend on the numbers that come out from the random number generator.

These games are zero-skill games where your results are basically dictated by your luck and you don’t have to know anything else beyond the basic rules and mechanics of the game,

The House Edge

If you want to play in games that give you the most advantage, an important thing you should take note of is the house edge. To put it simply, the house edge is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over you.

All games are designed for the casino to have an edge over the player, otherwise, casinos would be out of business. However, there are games which inherently have a lower house edge than others which means that you’re less likely to lose in these games than if you play other games with a higher house edge.

In the long run, the casino is bound to have an advantage over the player, but this doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose every time you play casino games. This simply means some games give you better chances of winning and a higher probability of going out of the casino with a net positive. Of course, this also means that you should know about proper bankroll management and when to stop playing. 

Most Advantageous Casino Games to Play

Naturally, the games with the lowest house edge are games which involve decision-making instead of luck-based games. The games with the lowest house edge are Blackjack, with 0.5%; Video Poker, with 0.46%; Hold’em, with 2.36%. 

There are also some games which have varying house edges depending on the bets that you place. For example, Baccarat has a house-edge of 1.01% to 15.75%, while Craps has a house edge of 0-16.67%.

The games with high house edges which you should look to avoid are Keno, which has a house edge of 20-40%, and Sic Bo, with a house edge of 2.78-33.33%.

If you want to win consistently at the casino, you should be looking to play card games such as blackjack and poker, and video poker if you prefer to play electronically. You could also play table games but you should make sure that you’re making bets that give you the best odds for winning.

One thing that all the advantageous games have in common is that they involve decision-making. Thus, it’s best to play these games after learning proper strategies that will ensure that you win.