How One Company Made Fishing and Cleanup More Reliable

By  //  August 12, 2021

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Throughout human history, fishing has one of the most important industries and popular hobbies across the globe. In 2017, the global fishing industry was valued at nearly $241 billion and is projected to nearly double this by 2026 to approximately $438 billion.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United States, roughly 179 million tonnes of fish were produced in 2018, of which some 156 million tonnes end up on our plates.

With so much fish caught, sold, and eaten every year in the US alone, coupled with recent issues of overfishing and environmental contamination in marine environments, this means that fishers not only have to be careful with the types and amounts of fish they catch, but also must be able to properly store and transport millions of tonnes of fish regardless of where they are.

Traditionally, fishers — both commercial and hobbyists — store their catches aboard their boats before bringing them back to shore. However, for commercial fishing especially, this presents an issue in the ability to keep fish fresh and mitigate the smell of each day’s catch while dozens or hundreds of miles from shore.

Enter: Reliable Fishing (RF). Originally founded in 2003 as a hobby by a team of fishing enthusiasts who noticed a distinct lack in the market for a fish bag that met their needs, RF’s founders initially created their bag without the goal of long-term success in mind.

However, after testing their bag out with several other fishing enthusiasts, they quickly realized that their invention was catching on with others who also needed a durable, reliable, and well-made fish bag.

True to their name, RF’s fish cooler bags not only hold a greater amount of fish, but also eliminate the smell of fish that onboard storage areas commonly cannot alleviate. Since the success of their initial fish bag more than a decade ago, RF’s team has expanded their product range to include 9 different sizes, along with 2 blankets and 2 kayak bags for more casual fishing hobbyists.

Each bag is equipped with drain plugs for easier cleanup, collapse easy for quick setup and breakdown, and are able to hold and store ice for over 24 hours without risking spoiling the freshness of any catch.

Given RF’s success since their inception back in 2003, the company’s most recent addition to its expanded product line is its larger insulated tuna bag. As tuna are some of the largest and most sought-after catches for commercial and recreational fishers alike, RF designed this bag with the goal of storing two 250lb bluefin tuna in it, along with enough ice to keep the fish cold and fresh for no less than 24 hours.

Not only this, but the bag’s durable material and non-corrosive zipper means that it is naturally more resistant to mildew and UV rays — both common irritants aboard maritime fishing vessels — so that the catch can stay fresh even on the warmest of days or in the most extreme of weather conditions.

Whether you’re a professional or recreational fisher, RF’s line of fish bags and their success to date have proven that the difference between a fresh delicious meal and a spoiled catch is in the details; details that RF’s team have worked meticulously to continuously innovate and improve upon.

Their team has even created a guide for every type of fisher, regardless of their experience, to help determine which fish bag is the best fit for them.

To learn more about Reliable Fishing, their team, story, or innovative line of fish bags and accessories, visit today.