Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs Instagram Account

By  //  August 3, 2021

Today, Instagram is not only a full-fledged social platform but also a perfect place for business development. Every promising company has been using this social network for a long time to increase its sales or conversion. Everything from clothing to gadgets is sold on this very simple platform.

Here, both a creative person and a serious entrepreneur will find their audience. The main category of Insta users are people aged 18-30. As a rule, these are active representatives of their generation who prefer online shopping. The popularity of this site is growing every day, which makes it more and more attractive for promotion.

An Insta account can become an independent store or even a gambling platform. Here you can solve all the main business tasks: advertise your establishment, publish engaging content, communicate with customers, or directly offer them to try real money instapay casino platforms. However, not all businesses are suitable for Instagram. Below you will find the details.

Which Business Should Use Instagram?

Not every company needs this social network. Not every product is suitable for successful promotion on this site. Instagram is a social network for visuals. Aesthetics, product attractiveness, and emotional components are important here. Therefore, selling plumbing or building materials through an Insta account is hardly worth it.

Have you decided to create an account for your business? First of all, analyze if your target audience is on this platform. Are 18-35-year-olds getting into your target customers? Or maybe they don’t, but they affect your audience.

Companies should also assess their ability to use the platform effectively. Brands based on visual components and beauty have a clear advantage: 

■ fashion; 

■ beauty industry; 

■ clothing; 

■ home decor; 

■ handmade goods;

■ cafes and restaurants, etc. 

If your business belongs to one of these categories, then you can start making a profile on Instagram right now. If you work in another area – do not rush. Perhaps the solution does not lie on the surface, but a working scheme exists. With the right approach, you can adapt Instagram to suit your business.

A Business Account on Instagram: New Opportunities

Previously, users could only create personal profiles, but the developers of the service made it more convenient and added the function of switching to an Instagram business account. The reason was that people began to actively convert their personal accounts into a business promotional tool.

When creating a business profile, the following functions appear:

■ you can indicate the industry/sphere of your activity;

■ it is possible to view extended statistics of your publications and the interaction of subscribers with them – viewing, coverage, impressions, write/call, clicks, etc.;

■ you can add the “Contact” button, which helps to find out the location on the map and the phone number of your organization. You can also add an email and a link that will be displayed on your profile;

■ you can use the “Promote” button through which you can immediately promote posts from your profile;

■ it is possible to create an advertising campaign with advanced settings through your Facebook account.

By analyzing statistics, you can influence the audience engagement rates, adapt and change the promotion strategy. Simplify user purchases – the fewer clicks, the greater the chance to sell a service or product, so insert the clickable link directly into the description. 

How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

There are two ways to create a business account on Instagram: register a new profile with the “business” status or switch from your personal account. How to make an Instagram business profile from scratch?

1. Open the main Instagram page

To enter the platform, you can use one of three options: log in with Facebook, register or install the application, and register on a mobile device. The Instagram app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, App Store, or Windows Phone Store. When logging in through Facebook, you need to do it using your username and password. The principle of registration on a web page and in a mobile application is similar. You just select “Register” and follow the instructions.

2. Register

In the registration form, enter your personal details: phone number, first and last name. Come up with a username and password, and click “Next”. Now you will be asked to indicate your date of birth, confirm your phone number. As soon as you carry out these actions – your personal account is registered.

3. Edit your profile

On the page with recommendations that opens, click on the avatar icon. Here you can go to the profile and further configure it. In this section, you can change or supplement information: add information about yourself, specify the site address and email, change the username. But since you need to change the type of account, click on “Switch to professional account” on the left side of the page.

4. Configure a professional account

Immediately after clicking, a page with the opportunities of a professional account will open. Click “Next” and proceed to the selection of the category that characterizes your activity best of all. If you want the category to be displayed in your profile, check the corresponding box. Now you have to choose the type of account – “Author” or “Company”. There is not much difference in terms of promotion and functionality. Choose the type that best suits your positioning.

5. Configure the business account

Check or complete contact information. Your business account is almost complete. Read the platform’s recommendations and click “Finish”. Account registration and transition to a business profile are now complete.

You can now edit your profile. Add a photo and description of your product or service. Create Stories with a list of assortments and terms of cooperation, make your first publications, and more. View statistics on content engagement. However, in order to get full access to the functionality of a business account and use the promotion opportunities, you need to connect to a Facebook page.

In Conclusion

Instagram helps to develop various businesses and provides them with a huge number of marketing tools for this. The main thing is to find the right application for them and clearly define your target audience. There is no universal formula for success – every business requires an individual approach, even when it comes to maintaining social networks. So, don’t be afraid to try and experiment. Then you will be able to find your key to success.