Online Casino Trends in Canada 2021

By  //  August 27, 2021

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Online gambling, in Canada and the rest of the world, is advancing at breakneck speed with each day that passes. Canadian online casinos are constantly implementing the latest features and trends in online gaming keeping them far ahead of their land-based counterparts.

Below we’ll explore some of the latest trends in the Canadian online casino industry:

Cryptocurrency Online Casinos

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have gotten a lot of media attention lately making some Canadian online casinos implement crypto payments and withdrawals within their system.

In such casinos, players can make crypto deposits, play games and withdraw their winnings in their favorite cryptocurrency.

Gambling online with cryptocurrencies also gives players all kinds of advantages including transaction anonymity, better safety when playing online and certain crypto-related bonuses and promotions. Players can also trade their crypto and make additional profits making it a sweet deal all around.

Mobile Gambling

The easy accessibility of smartphones and the internet means that more players are gambling online with mobile devices than ever before.

This is all possible thanks to advancements in internet technology that allows online casino games to automatically adapt to any device with a smooth user interface. This means users can play on the go without any lag or interference.

All Canadian online casinos offer mobile gaming capabilities right now. Some Canadian online casinos, like GetSlots, even have a mobile app, a mobile website and desktop site to make it easy for their players to play on the go.

Betting on Esports

Betting on esports is a new online gambling trend that’s starting to get attention from players worldwide. Online gamblers place wagers in esports players who compete in video game competitions.

The competitions often gather the best video game players worldwide and if you place the right bets, you win money when your player wins a match.

This trend is getting attention because many new online gamblers are esports fans and like to see this option at online casinos. It’s worth noting that esports gaming is treated as betting on sports so it will be available in the sports betting section of online casinos and not the casino section.

Thanks to constantly evolving modern technology bringing us faster internet, better processors and graphics, etc, esports are poised to get even bigger. With time more online casinos will add this type of wager and online gamblers will be able to play more of these games.

Virtual Reality

Although VR and AR technology are still in early developmental stages, the consensus among experts is that the technology will revolutionize the gambling industry once released to players.

Already several online gambling giants are racing to bring a VR game to market and the first of these to be successful will definitely make a lot of money.

There are also talks that some top online casinos are coming together to create a VR casino where players can walk in, interact with other players and gamble with real money like in a physical casino all without leaving their home.

The idea here is players can wear a VR headset and experience the casino in 3D as if they were physically present. You could walk around, talk to other players, join games, play against other players with real money, and win or lose in real-time.

Obviously, the implications of this are staggering with the foremost being that online casinos can recreate the magic of land-based casinos which could be the end of physical casinos.


With the implementation of all these trends and several other technological breakthroughs on the horizon, the writing on the wall is clear. Online casinos can deliver a modern, futuristic and entertaining gambling experience for online players without having to leave the comfort of their homes.