Top 12 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

By  //  August 5, 2021

Instagram used to be app people used to scroll to spend their downtime and mostly looking up with their favorite celebrity. But now, Instagram has become the marketing sensation for the brands and Instagram Uses. Since Instagram has introduced its Business profiles, companies are taking them handy and gauging for customers within the App.  

Instagram has become a helpful tool for businesses, brands, influencers to market their products and services. One can build an audience, increase their sales, and drive insane traffic to their e-commerce website. Now, came back to reality and thought that if you don’t have Instagram Followers, how you can benefit your business. 

Instagram Followers play an essential role in your growth on Instagram because they are seen as social proof and your online credibility. Even I would not trust a brand that has a lower follower base. If you are blessed with loads on Instagram, no power on earth can stop you from growing on Instagram. If you are not!

Then you have to work to get more followers on Instagram. If you are too busy in your business and cannot make time to spend on the platform, you can go for buying Instagram followers from an authentic source like This procedure is handy and really easy to grow in a short amount of time.

This article will tell you about the top 12 ways to get more followers on Instagram!

#1: Make Your Instagram Appear In Searches

This is the most crucial subject to work on while getting more followers on Instagram. If people can’t find you in searches, then how they are going to follow you. I will tell you two methods to make your Instagram appear in searches.

If you want to appear in searches by your profession or your work, then use any specific keyword for it in your Instagram Username or Instagram BIO. Let’s say you are an Instagram influencer, then mention the word “Influencer” in your profile.

So when people search for influencers on Instagram, your profile can appear.

If you want to attract your local Instagram users, then use your location in Instagram Bio and posts.

These tips will make your Instagram profile search-friendly!

#2: Add a Relevant Profile Picture and Eye-Catchy Bio

You must have heard the First Impression is the Last Impression. So far, this is true! You have to add a relevant profile picture and an eye-catchy Bio to make people stay on your Instagram. 

Add a compelling bio and write things that would make people interested in following your account. Make sure it is brief but catchy.

Adding these attractive details to your Instagram will make it the center of attention and eventually you will get more followers on Instagram.

#3: Share Content That Converts

Even if you go for buying followers for your Instagram, you still have to post quality content on your Instagram so your followers can stay for the long run. Share engaging content to make people react to it and engage with it. Increased engagement rate will improve your insights, and your posts will make out to the Instagram Explore Page. However, the best sites to buy Instagram followers UK can help you to grow your United Kingdom audience. You can rule the explore page in your niche easily.

#4: Follow Relevant Accounts on Instagram

Following a relevant Instagram Account will do wonders for you! Following the same business as you will give your Instagram more visibility and popularity. If you are an Instagram Beauty influencer, then you should be following any technology guy. Instead, follow beauty brands and fellow Instagram influencers to expand your network.

There is the thing, if you engage within the posts of your community members, there is a high probability, they will do the same for you!

As a result, you will appear in their follower’s recommendations!

#5: Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account

If you have many followers on other social media applications like Facebook, Linked In, and Snapchat. Utilize that following for your benefit! Post the link to your Instagram on other apps and ask your followers to hit a follow button on Instagram. If they love your work, they will surely follow you on Instagram.

You can also embed your Instagram post on your blog website to get more followers on Instagram.

#6: Use Hashtags in Your Instagram Posts

Hashtags are essentials for your posts to reach the right audience. Once you made it to the right audience, you will grow Instagram followers within short notice. Don’t ever underestimate the power of hashtags. They can make your content visible and discoverable by the people with interest in your business.

Using Instagram hashtags in your Instagram posts will drive more organic traffic to your profile!

#7: Do Collaborations with Instagram Influencers

People trust influencers and follow their recommendations. There is more than 500,000 influencer profile exists on Instagram with different niche. You have to find an influencer whose work is relatively close to your niche and reach out for collaboration. There is a high percentage of brands claiming that they saw a drastic boost in their business after collaborating with Instagram Influencers.

Helpful Tip: Always go for the influencer with the highest engagement rate. Results will justify themselves!

#8: Work With Brands of Your Industry

Working with influencers helps a lot to get more followers on Instagram. It works relatively the same working with brands. If you see any way to collaborate with them, don’t hesitate! Tell them what you want to do. Trust me, it works many times. 

Think about it and make your fully fleshed campaign to make your work successful. 

#9: Use Instagram Ads for Your Business

Utilize Instagram Ads by your Instagram Business Account. It may cost you a little more money, but it’s totally worth it. It comes with a great handy tool by which you can choose to show your content to specific people according to their age, location, interest, and demographics. It’s great when you want particular people to follow you on Instagram

#10: Engage Your Audience by Contests and Giveaways

Arrange contests and giveaways to engage your audience within your Instagram Posts. It will make people most excited, and the best part is you can take advantage of it! Set some ground rules that your followers have to make their friends follow you, and by doing that, you are eligible for the giveaway. Sounds fair and exciting!

It will help you get more followers on Instagram!

#11: Use Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a handy tool to give you data about how your every post is performing. You can keep track of and eliminate those content practices that have the lowest engagement rate. By looking at insights, you can also figure out what type of content your audience wants to see.

#12: Post Consistently

Post consistently and give your followers something to see and interact with. Don’t compromise on the quality of content. Always produce content that is relatable to your industry. Keep posting with consistency, and you will get more followers on Instagram.

Good luck with your Instagram Growth!