Top Benefits of Reading Books to Your Toddler Daily

By  //  August 3, 2021

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Reading to your child daily is of paramount importance as it contributes to cognitive development. Adding the reading time to your child’s routine, as much as it is entertaining, has many benefits.

Sometimes physical activities aren’t enough to develop their cognitive and social skills, so here’s why you should consider reading to your toddler as a significant indoor activity:

Enriching the vocabulary

Not only will your young child be able to enjoy the storytelling by looking at the pictures in the book to better understand the story, but they will extend their vocabulary too. Children’s books usually contain a variety of words that adults don’t tend to use in everyday speech, such as animals or plants – and that’s what helps kids develop their brain and language.

Children who are read daily up to kindergarten are exposed to 1.4 million words more in comparison to children whose reading time has been skipped. So, add this valuable time as part of your child’s routine and enrich their vocabulary with new and specific words.

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Communication Skills

Read to your child every day and you’ll hear them mumble new words much faster. In such a way you are giving your child a “setting” of this world with different stories to which they can relate. This makes it easier for them to understand the world and the way they communicate. Research also suggests that the verbal interactions that occur during reading time, help advance a kid’s language and as well as their IQ up to the age of 14. 

Listening Skills

You read to them, they listen – you interact. The more unknown vocabulary they hear, the more attention they’re going to pay to better comprehend the story. When you try changing voices to distinguish the characters in the narrative or sing their songs, it contributes a lot to listening skills development. Such development must start at a very young age and even before the kids learn to read on their own. Just don’t forget to give your toddlers the right organic formulas. Try to consider My Organic Company. Learn more here to know more about what they are offering.

Build Connection

Make it a habit, reading is a golden opportunity for parents to bond with their children. Just spending quality time with them by lying down creates a cozy atmosphere.

Your child will feel safe and supported and there’s where love for literacy strikes in. Likewise, they will always have a positive thought about books. Such an attitude will help them connect to everyday situations easier and contribute to the problem-solving process. 


We are not saying that your child is going to become an artist for sure through reading to them, but it surely helps. Being exposed to numerous story plots and characters promote instant creativity. Fiction comes with storylines that are out of this world and your child will develop fantasy through it.

Reading helps the child to have clearer images and expands their imagination. Through creativity, children develop their ideas and life goals which also help with their emotional health.

Cultural Understanding

Books do not only tell fictive stories, they also educate children about different cultures. When your child hears stories about discrete cultures, they will better understand the outside world. They will learn how to treat others around them, and herewith they develop their social skills.