Want to Become a Real Estate Agent? Here’s How

By  //  August 20, 2021

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Are you thinking of becoming a real estate agent? Or you’ve decided you want to become a real estate agent but don’t know how to? Then you have nothing to worry about as this article is just what you need. Every day, thousands of people globally are looking at possible ways to help people buy their dream home or even make lots of cash selling their home. 

For someone who wants to become a real estate agent, it is not an easy task as the industry is a tough one for newbies. Notwithstanding, there are specific requirements you would have to fulfill before you can become a real estate agent. 

Requirements Needed to Become a Real Estate Agent 

Unlike many other job descriptions, there are certain requirements that must be met before anyone can become a property agent. These range from licensing requirements, to finding and working with a broker. For more clarity, the following are specific requirements that you must meet before you can become a real estate agent. 

1. Pre-licensing requirements must be met

This first requirement would be for you to accomplish or rather scale through a real estate pre-licensing course. This means that you must not only complete the course work from a registered or accredited real estate school, but you must pass the state-administered exam as well.

The school or coursework can either be completed through in-person classes or carried out online. In addition, it takes between a few weeks or a couple of months to complete the coursework. So, the moment you have completed the pre-licensing coursework, you can then apply to take the state license examination.   

2. Have your real estate agent license activated

The next course of action to take would be to start engaging with clients. However, you must have passed the license exam before jumping to this stage. Before activating your license, you should bear in mind that the activation fees vary.

Plus, before you can start listing properties, it is expected that you complete the payment for your local multiple listing service. The membership fee is mandatory, as, without it, you may find it difficult to disperse the properties to websites of notable value. 

3. Find a real estate broker

This is another requirement that must be met before you can practice real estate legally. The importance of joining a supervising broker is to ensure that you are following the ethical and legal standards. One thing to know about brokers is that they are licensed, and hence, they are more or less a safeguard to ensure the transaction is successful.

As time goes on, after serving under a broker, you can become a broker as well. That is after you have applied for a license and the application is deemed successful. But, before doing so, it is always advisable to have worked a couple of years as an agent to gain valuable experience. 

In addition, before becoming a real estate agent, it is expected that you must have passed the age of 18 or 21, depending on the country in which you reside.

Education background is not mandatory, but it is expected that you possess some level of qualification, be it a high school diploma or something that substitutes for it. 

The thing about becoming a real estate agent is that you are not entitled to be paid hourly or weekly. Instead, you could expect to be paid based on a commission.

For instance, you have negotiated with a house owner and have completed the transaction. Whatever payment you receive would be in commission as some agents receive a 10-20% commission for each property sold. So, what this entails is that the more successful sales you make, the more you get paid. 

Plus, an agent is not entitled to receive any benefits that come from each sale being made. This is why brokers are more than willing to welcome a new agent due to the pay structure since it does not affect the company financially. This is why you should join a broker with terms and conditions that are convenient or ones you are comfortable with. 

So, having talked about the requirements, let us briefly discuss how to become successful as a real estate agent. 

Here is how to be successful as a real estate agent 

■ Focus on soft skills: It is always good to make sales, but what is even better is focusing on having the right skill set for the job. This includes having good photography skills, people skills, and also problem-solving skills. These abilities can be the driving force towards a successful career in real estate. 

■ Develop a business plan: To become a successful real estate agent, it is always important to think of ways to stand out from others. This means you would have to understand the market and know what your customers want or expect from you. So, in other words, you must have a concrete plan in motion as this will help as a real estate agent. 

■ Avoid making assumptions: One thing that has to be a stumbling block for real estate agents is worrying about whether the business would flourish or not. Work with facts, remain focused while doing your best, and avoid assuming a transaction would be successful until it is completed. 

You must also be as diplomatic as possible. This means, even though you found a house that you think is perfect for a particular client, you should still be open to the client’s opinions and fears about the property.

You can do your best to convince a client to sign the papers without having to badger him/her. Your job is to guide, show, and be convincing; however, the final decision is still theirs to make. 

Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t just rely on meeting those requirements mentioned above. You must know how to negotiate with customers and how to market as well.

Even though you may have the right skill set, you are not entitled to a successful transaction, as this is entirely left to the customer to decide. This means you should be ready to experience failure and move from it as fast as you can.