What are the Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit?

By  //  August 4, 2021

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Storage units are very versatile spaces in which you can store a variety of items and belongings, from boxes and furniture to cars and wine. They are a popular way to maximize the space in your home by giving you external space to store items that you don’t have room for but don’t want to get rid of.

They come in a variety of sizes and styles, with many additional features to make sure your belongings are as safe and secure as possible.

An extra layer of security

When storing items at home, they may be more susceptible to damage, either from people or from the environment. This is particularly true of vehicles, where your only option may be to store it on the road.

Storage units provide extra security from the elements and other people as many have security cameras, and in the case of parking lots, they can only be accessed by those who rent the spaces. Furthermore, storing items incorrectly can lead to them becoming lost or damaged, so by using a self storage unit you have a space where you can appropriately keep your items and know where they are at all times. 

A versatile space

Storage units are blank, empty spaces, and there is a variety of uses for them.

Popular uses include:

Helping with a house move – many people store their furniture or boxes in a unit during a house move to not have lots of clutter in their old home or while they travel from one place to another. 

RV storage – if you have a vehicle that you don’t use every day, such as an RV or classic car, then storing it in a unit can be much safer than parking it on the road where it is out in the open elements. Indoor storage may be preferable to outdoor storage, but you may not have access to a garage or driveway. This is where storage units and lots come in, as there are plenty of parking options to choose from.

■ Storing a wine collection – if you have an impressive collection of wines, or want to begin one, then storage is an incredibly important part. Changes in temperature and humidity, and even vibrations caused by movement can affect the wine and change its taste. Keeping your wine in a climate-controlled unit will preserve them in optimum conditions. 

You can choose additional features

Storage units come in a variety of sizes, and some have useful additional features to help maintain the quality of what is being stored or to make the process of accessing your items even easier.

Climate-controlled units are really useful for delicate items like wine or jewelry, as these can be sensitive to humidity and temperature and therefore need to be stored properly. Furthermore, you could also choose a unit with 24-hour access, allowing you to go into your unit whenever you need it. Another useful feature is drive-up access, which makes loading and unloading even easier, and is really useful for storing vehicles.