What Are the Biggest Differences Between US and Canadian Casinos?

By  //  August 24, 2021

There are a lot of casinos around the world that accommodate the wants and needs of their players. Throughout the years, casinos have been growing and multiplying as more people are getting interested in winning quick money.

Two of the well-known countries when it comes to casinos are the United States and Canada. Both offer top-tier casinos, and given that, we are going to compare the two to see which one is the better.

USA Tribal Casinos 

Back in 1970, the tribal casino gaming of the American industry began to rise. It was then followed in 1975 by Florida, which offered opportunities to play high stakes through the development of high-stake bingos. Since then, there have been numerous casinos built within the United States, and it keeps growing up to this day. So far, there are already 240 tribes in total. 

Within the casino gaming industry, tribal gaming brings more revenue with its 43% legal, commercial gaming revenue. This is based on 2012 numbers. In 2015, the revenue reached USD 30 billion. Moreover, the casinos of the United States have three classes.

The first class is for social gaming, while the second class is for pull tabs, bingo, and non-bankcard games. Lastly, the third class is for slot machines, Blackjack, and other common casino games. 

Canadian Tribal Casinos 

Canada also has its tribal casinos that helped in stimulating its economy. It has 17 First Nation Casinos that offer the best quality and top-tier casino services. Some of these casinos are found in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba. During the 1990s, casinos were first seen in Canada that soon became part of its culture.

It first looked up to American casinos, yet the Canadians started to build their unique casinos. This is where the competition started between American and Canadian casinos. 

Furthermore, Canada is known for its clear laws and rules when it comes to gaming that started in 1995. To ensure that the country will keep progressing, the Canadian government implemented these laws and rules. Today, the presence of an online casino in Canada is also emerging–and it’s a sign of the progress envisioned by the government. 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the brief differences between the two.

Number of Tribal Casinos

The first difference between the two is in terms of the number of tribal casinos. In Canada, there are only 18, while it’s 450 in the United States. This difference is largely affected by the landmass and population. Canada is way smaller than the US, and with that, it has limited area only to build more casinos, so as the people who’ll play. 

Gaming Industry’s Growth

Next is in terms of the industry’s growth. Compared to the US, Canada has a smaller industry. Again, it is affected by the landmass and population. In the United States of America, there’s a lot of potential players that come from different states.

Size of Casinos 

The size also differs as the US has bigger casinos than Canada. If the theme is the massive casino, then the US wins the round. Still, Canada offers accommodating and friendly casinos to casino players. 


Lastly, American casinos are more controlled by IGRA than Canada. In the American casinos, IGRA is responsible for the regulations in gaming. Meanwhile, in Canada, individual provinces have their regulations. It is up to Canada when establishing regulations in casino gaming.