What to Do if You Think You are a Victim of Centrelink Fraud?

By  //  August 22, 2021

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Unfortunately, Centrelink frauds are very common in the country. If you have reason to believe you have just joined the long list of victims, the first thing to do is avoiding panic. Whether it is identity theft, bank transactions or debt settlement, Centrelink frauds should not be taken lightly. 

While timely action is necessary, panic would only increase the chance of making another mistake. 

By the time you finish reading this, you would have a fair idea of how to approach this situation.

The How and Why of It 

It pays off to know the reasons why the fraud could have happened. Scammers usually use common communication methods like e-mails, phone calls and text messages to reach their targets before they lure them in. While Centrelink has put its debt repayment on hold in several areas due to the pandemic, this gives the perfect opportunity for imposters to pose as them.

If you have sufficient reason to believe you have been targeted, you might want to go through your recent communications – check your communication channels for anything that seems to be from Centrelink. Scammers usually use the cover of Centrelink or other Australian government agencies to get your details before they log into the systems and use your credentials to get access. 

Remember the government agencies like Centrelink do not reach out to anyone on a random basis – the dates are specific to the tax season. Note that the scammers are also most active around these dates. They use similar patterns and often copy e-mail bodies to seem legitimate. 

Legal Assistance

Getting legal help in cases like these becomes paramount, especially because of the involvement of funds. The serious nature of these offences is reflected by the fact that the guilty parties can get imprisoned for years. Choose a reputed law firm that has a proven skillset when it comes to fraud cases. 

As soon as something seems fishy, collect all the evidence that you can find – email communications, call recordings or anything else and share them with your attorneys. 

If Centrelink reaches out to you for any discussion, make sure that you do not attend the meeting without your legal representation. The paper trail with these cases can be pretty difficult to understand for those not well-versed with Centrelink prosecutions. This is where your attorneys come in. 

While it is troublesome to process that you have been scammed, a calm mind and quick action can help you in recovering losses and helping the authorities get to the culprit. Timely consultation would save you the stress and additional monetary burden that comes from compromised online identity and database breaches.

A well-known firm like the Kingston Fox Lawyers can be your best weapon in the fight against scammers which would not only help you get justice but also save countless others from falling into the same trap. Click here to schedule a free consultation with our experts.