Your New Mattress: A Guide for Buying a New Mattress

By  //  August 6, 2021

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Every mattress that you think about buying is an essential purchase, not only because of its price but most importantly for its value and its use.

A bed should not only be about the price but the comfort and ultimately the health that it gives you. Whatever your reason for buying, always know that a mattress plays a vital role in your well-being. And thus, you must think well about it before you decide on the purchase.  

There is a long list of mattress types. Also, there are many things to consider when buying one. When everything seems confusing, make the most significant choice to put your intention of purchase top of the list, and you will never go wrong. And what are those things that you need to think about?

The list below will guide you on your search for an appropriate mattress to buy.

Natural Mattress

If you are looking for a bed made from a natural material, a natural mattress from a natural latex material is the best mattress to buy. The foam comes from a natural rubber product which is an organic material. A latex foam uses very minimal synthetic additives, and it has hypoallergenic properties. Since a natural mattress comes from a natural product, it uses a natural filling to combine the material to create a perfect natural bed.

Chiropractic Approved Mattresses

Chirofoam premium memory foam mattresses provide the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is known for its layers of memory foam and polyurethane material. It is durable, firm, and has strong support and comfort. The material absorbs motion and helps relieve pain and stiffness; thus, you get an undisturbed sleep.

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is made of innerspring and a multi-layer of memory foam, latex foam, or gel foam.  It has a sturdy feel because of the spring and a soft and comfortable layer of foam. The bed comprises a base layer, a support core, a comfort layer of foam, and a pillow top that provides additional cushioning. This bed structure makes it sturdy and stable, which is perfect for comfort and quality sleep.

Cooling  Mattress

A cooling mattress has a cooling feature that you can experience during sleep. If you produce too much residual heat from your body, you need a cooling bed to cool down your body temperature. This type of mattress has cooling technology that counters your body heat and regulates your temperature to keep you relaxed and rest without feeling sticky, damp, and hot.

Mattress for Combination Sleeper

If you are a combination sleeper, you sleep in many different positions like side sleeping, back sleeping, or stomach sleeping. You need a bed specially designed for you – the mattress for a combination sleeper if you are among this type. The key feature of this bed is its spinal alignment factor, that whichever positions you sleep, it always protects your spine and your shoulders, lower back, and hips which are all prone to developing pressure points.

Know the Health Benefits of Using Each Mattress Type

After knowing each type of mattress, you now have a more precise judgment to compare the benefits of using each of them. Health is a crucial factor in choosing your bed.

For example, if you are prone to allergies, you now know that you need to use a latex mattress because of its hypoallergenic properties. You can also prefer a bed that addresses your health concerns like scoliosis, sleep apnea, drowsiness, etc. 

You can even select a specific foam appropriate to your sleeping positions, such as side sleeping, back sleeping, etc.  All of these health challenges have a particular type of mattress intended to at least give relief to your conditions or discomforts.

Know the Value of the Product

During your selection process, always know the value of the product that you are buying. The bed does not always come in an expensive purchase to determine its value. You can get a product at a lesser price but worth every penny that you spend. However, you can also get pricey products but do not have the value it deserves. 

When looking for product value, always consider the quality of the product. Also, you should know the lifespan of your intended purchase. Do not be lured with fancy purchases. Always go back to your intentions in making the necessary purchase. It would help if you got what you need and not just what you want. 


Your bed is a significant investment, and thus you should never go wrong in buying one. Many things are to be considered, but your primary purpose of buying must be on the top of the list. You should also remember the list above to help you get a reasonable and responsible buy. Thus, always make the right choice, learn from the pieces of information listed above so you won’t go wrong.