3 Ideas for Health-Conscious Eaters

By  //  September 9, 2021

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Nowadays, it seems like everyone is either counting calories, reading food labels with a magnifying glass, or paying generally closer attention to what they eat and drink.

For the scores of thousands of consumers who count themselves among the health-conscious crowd, the good news is that the modern marketplace is getting friendlier. Labeling laws make it possible for anyone to see what’s inside in terms of nutrition, calories, and preservatives.

While most who keep an eye on health already have strategies for monitoring the intake of various kinds of food, the following ideas can help fine-tune the effort.

Plan Your Meals

Have you ever wandered around your kitchen, exploring the fridge and cupboards as you ask yourself what do you want to eat? If so, you’re what some people call a food lurker. It’s not a bad thing, and the truth is that most of us lurk from time to time.

The downside of food lurking is that we often end up eating junk or whatever we see in the refrigerator. A much smarter approach is to plan most of your meals about one week ahead of time. Breakfast is the easiest because most adults only have a limited time to enjoy a quick meal before heading to work.

Consider making a written list on Sunday evening of what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next seven days. Chances are, even if you only stick to the program for half of the planned meals, you’ll make better, more healthful choices and will find it easier to avoid filling up on junk food at odd times of the day.

Make Snacking Count

Everything in moderation, the old saying advises. Snacking is a uniquely modern activity and can add a lot to the need for variety in our daily lives. What’s the best way to limit your snacks to tasty choices that offer the very best in quality, ingredients, flavor, and fun? The monthly snack subscription box is the simple answer.

The better offerings in this category include a vast array of snacks from around the world. That way, subscribers get to taste test all sorts of delicious favorites from dozens of different cultures and regions. The beauty of the subscription box full of great snacks is that you’ll never grow tired of repetition because the selection is virtually endless.

Research Restaurant Menus

You know those two or three favorite restaurants near where you live? Have you ever studied their menu ingredients? If not, spend an hour or so checking out which ones are more selective about what they use in their offerings. There’s a good chance you might want to eliminate one from your list and add a new place, based on online research.

The fact is that some restaurants are much better than others when it comes to serving nutrient rich, generally healthful foods. But you’ll never know which ones are doing so unless you take the time to do a little investigating of your own. Look for establishments that use fresh fruits and vegetables and that don’t simply heat and serve meals that were prepared off-site.