WATCH: Brevard County Commission Holds Meeting in Viera on Tuesday

By  //  September 14, 2021

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meeting begins at 9 a.m.

ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Commission to Hold Meeting in Viera on Tuesday

A. CALL TO ORDER 9:00 a.m.
C. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Commissioner Bryan A. Lober, District 2
D. MINUTES FOR APPROVAL: July 6, 2021 Regular
E.1. Resolution acknowledging Hunger Action Month , District 4
E.2. The Space Coast Health Foundation’s Campaign, “Get Vaccinated Brevard”
F. CONSENT AGENDA (The entire Consent Agenda will be passed in one motion to
include everything under Section F.)
Development and Environmental Services Group
Natural Resources Management
F.1. General Stormwater Pollution Prevention Outreach Professional Services
Agreement, Service A Renewal 3.
F.2. St Johns River Water Management District Intergovernmental Agreement for the Crane
Creek M-1 Canal Restoration Project – D5
F.3. Three Florida Department of Environmental Protection Grants (LPA0144, LPA0145, and
LPA0146) for Save Our Indian River Lagoon Projects
Planning and Development
F.4. Final Plat Approval, Re: Viera Car Wash
Developer: TECW Brevard I, LLC District 4
F.5. Final Plat Approval, Re: Anglers Subdivision
Developer: JM Brothers Realty, LLC. District 1
F.6. Final Plat Approval, Re: Meadow Lakes Estates Phase One
Developer: JM Brothers Realty, LLC. District 1
F.7. Acceptance, Re: Binding Development Plan with North Pad, LLC (f.k.a. Cooltural Land,
LLC) (District 2)
Public Works Department
F.10. Approval, Re: Donation of Warranty Deed from First Baptist Church, Inc. for the First
Baptist Church of Melbourne Project – District 3.
F.11. Approval, Re: Dedication of Sanitary Sewer Easement for Costco Wholesale
Melbourne from Costco Wholesale Corporation – District 4.
F.12. Approval, Re: Resolution and County Deed for the Transfer of that Portion of
Brandywine Lane and Associated Roadway Drainage Facilities from South of U.S. 192 to
a Terminus of Twenty Feet South of the North Melbourne Tillman Canal 84 Right of
Way Line- District 5.
F.13. Approval, Re: Donation of Sanitary Sewer Easement for Island Chase Subdivision from
Donovan Homes, LLC – District 2.
F.14. Approval, Re: Brevard County Board of County Commissioners Written Consent to
Easement in Connection with the City of Titusville’s Application for the Use of
State-Owned Uplands for a Force Main Easement Required for the Development of
Brooks Landing Subdivision – District 1.
F.15. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Bridgewater North at Viera
Subdivision – District 4
Developer: Lennar Homes, LLC
F.16. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Stonecrest at Addison Village, Phase
4 Subdivision – District 4
Developer: The Viera Company
F.17. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Bridgewater South at Viera, Section
1 Subdivision – District 4
Developer: WCI Communities, LLC
F.18. Contract and Surety Performance Bond: Bridgewater South at Viera, Section 1
Subdivision – District 4
Developer: WCI Communities, LLC
Utility Services Department
F.19. Assignment of Agreement between the Board of County Commissioners, Bussen-Mayer
Engineering, Inc., and D.R.M.P., Inc.
Community Services Group
Housing and Human Services
F.20. Approval, Re: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Urban County Agreements and Re-Qualification for Fiscal Years 2022, 2023, and 2024
Parks and Recreation Department
F.21. Approval, Re: Donation of land to the EEL Program from Adolph Blaser (District 3)
F.22. Approval, Re: Amendment and Renewal of Contracted Workers and Background
Investigation Check Services Agreement with AUE Staffing, Inc. (All Districts)
Tourism Development Department
F.23. Approval, Re: FY 2021-2022 New Sports Event Development Grant Program,
Application and Committee Score Sheet.
F.24. Approval, re: 10-month extension (Amendment #9) to Lease Agreement with Brevard
Cultural Alliance (BCA), and approval of one-year service contract with BCA for Fiscal
Year 2021-2022.
F.25. Approval, Re: Tourist Development Council FY 2021-2022 Capital Facilities Grant
recommendation for Lori Wilson Park.
Public Safety Group
Emergency Management
F.26. Board Approval for Modification of Grant Agreement for FY 2020 with the Florida
Division of Emergency Management for sitework/construction on the new Brevard
County Emergency Operations Center
F.27. Board Approval for Modification of Grant Agreement for FY 2021 with the Florida
Division of Emergency Management for sitework/construction on the new Brevard
County Emergency Operations Center
F.28. Approve Emergency Management to submit for the Rebuild Florida General
Infrastructure Grant Program with the School Board as a co-applicant and beneficiary.
Support Services Group
Central Services
F.29. Request Approval to Accept the High Bid for Public Sale of Surplus Property
2021-2407634 and Authorization for Chair to Execute All Necessary Documents.
(District 2)
F.30. Wetland Outfall Weirs and Valves Recommendation to Reject Single Bid Received
F.31. Permission to Advertise Competitive Solicitation for the James Jay Clark Pedestrian
Crossover Bridge Recoating Project (District 1)
Human Resources
F.32. Approval of Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Aviation Insurance Programs for
Administrative Services Group
F.33. Request for Naming of the Lori Wilson Park Hammock and Boardwalk the “Mansfield
Maritime Hammock”. District 2
F.34. Authorization to advertise a Facebook Page Live Event between Commissioner Bryan
Lober and Commissioner John Tobia on the Incentive Program for Missed Solid Waste
Pickups to be held on the Space Coast Government TV Facebook Page.
H.1. Petition to Vacate, Re: A portion of a Public Right-of-way – Tkacs Drive – “Plan of Town
of Pineda” Plat Book 1, Page 41 – Melbourne – KMM-FL, LLC – District 4
J.9. Labor Agreement with Brevard County Professional Firefighters Local
2969 Rank and File & Supervisory Units
Add Ons
L.1. Frank Abbate, County Manager
L.2. Eden Bentley, County Attorney
L.3. Rita Pritchett, Commissioner District 1, Chair
L.4. Bryan Lober, Commissioner District 2
L.5. John Tobia, Commissioner District 3
L.6. Curt Smith, Commissioner District 4
L.7. Kristine Zonka, Commissioner District 5, Vice Chair