Earning From Hunting in Brevard County: Is It Possible?

By  //  September 25, 2021

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The passion for hunting has been around since prehistoric periods when man used simple bows and arrows. But let’s be real – technology wasn’t always accessible! Nowadays, there is hi-tech gear that hunters can use to increase their chances of success in the fields or forests. They range from simple ones like a bushcraft knife to modern shotguns of varying calibres. 

It all comes down to what you are hunting: And here in Brevard County, hunters enjoy the all-year-round alternating hunting seasons of deer, turkey, wild hogs, migratory birds, and other prey.

People hunt in Brevard on different levels: some do so out of personal beliefs while others enjoy culture & tradition through this activity. Sportsmanship also plays into it (I mean, come one who doesn’t love going after their prey?), but then again, if you’re not competition prone, maybe you can do it for money. Here’s how to earn from hunting.

1. Bounty Hunting

All around the state of Florida, hunters are rewarded with cash for helping control the population of invasive species. In Brevard County, it’s not uncommon to receive a stipend from wildlife organizations if you bring in evidence of game killed! So find out what incentives are on offer and get out there.

The local gov’t pays residents who kill wild animals, so make sure that when hunting season starts this fall (or any time!), don’t forget about checking underbrush or scoping out spots where an invasive species may linger. 

Just look at novice hunter Charles Dachton who won the $10,000 Ultimate Grand Prize for removing 41 Burmese pythons in the recently concluded Florida Python Challenge 2021.

2. Trapping

Invasive species are all over these days, and Florida has its fair share. With so many pests terrorizing neighbourhoods near cities, employing professional capture services makes perfect sense. This means you can earn from trapping. You can charge varying rates depending on what type of animal you remove from the property- just make sure that you’re licensed and insured before doing so!

3. Hunting Guide

If you are passionate about hunting, a career in the field could be right up your alley. As more and more people take up this pastime activity, they’re bound to need someone who can lead them into unfamiliar territory. If certified, your skills will definitely come in handy as an income-earning hobby during hunting season.

You will provide practical guidance to hunters and campers. Grilling lovers will appreciate it if you can tell them which is the best wood for smoking salmon, meats, and even veggies if they are camping out. Overall, when you provide excellent service, you get more referrals.

Take Away

Hunting can bring you immense pleasure if you are an outdoorsy person. And no one says you can’t earn a dollar or two from your adventures. There’s always that one thing you’ve been dreaming about but haven’t had the opportunity to do yet. Why not take up hunting in Brevard County? It sounds like an experience for sure!

If you are visiting Brevard County, check online resources such as guide magazines or the Florida Fish and Wildlife official website. There’s tons of information, including designated hunting season, zones, required licences, bag limits, and other requirements. All in all, happy hunting.