How Can We Create a Wellness Space for Our Workplace?

By  //  September 29, 2021

A wellness space is an area in your workplace or home that is designated for meditation, relaxation and centering. Having one of these spaces for daily breaks from your workload can do amazing things to help your overall wellness, mental and physical health throughout the day.

Wellness spaces can take on all kinds of forms, let’s hear from some top business leaders on how you can think about creating a wellness space for your workplace. 

This is a new and exciting concept in office jobs. A wellness space can be anywhere that you go to relax and take a breather from the day. Creating a wellness space can be as simple as having a room with natural lighting and plants, anything to create a calm atmosphere in your workplace. 

Courtney Buhler, CEO & Founder LashPRO Academy

Wellness spaces should be open and free of clutter. The purpose of this space is not to store work items, it’s simply for meditative relaxation. Seating should be ample, and have varieties of comfortable options. 

Mike Clare, CEO Mood Health

Lounge chairs and furniture are great additions to a wellness space. This will make your room feel inviting, relaxing and comfortable in comparison to a cramped office space or desk. The key to an effective wellness space is differentiation from the other rooms in your home or office. 

Robert Chu, CEO Embleema

Humidifiers and oil diffusers create a wonderful atmosphere for a wellness space in any office. There are many aromas and mixtures of oils designed to relax our mind and bodies. Consider including an oil diffuser in your wellness space. 

Bill Glaser, CEO Outstanding Foods

Art can contribute significantly to creating a wellness space in a work setting. Research shows that the aesthetic experience of gazing at a painting, photograph, or any other kind of work of art can lower stress, improve memory, and foster empathy.

Recent studies also found that even passively looking at art decreases depression and promotes a sense of satisfaction in one’s own life. Additionally, viewing a beautiful work of art can give you the same sensation you have when falling in love, boosting wellness both physically and mentally.

Alix Greenberg, Founder ArtSugar

Consider having a shared library in your wellness space if you are in-office. This is a great way not only to relax, but to connect with your team members on non-digital media and culture. Reading has become something of a lost art, but it’s one of the things our brains really love to do to focus and relax. 

Matthew Mundt, Founder and CEO Hug Sleep

Wellness spaces are all about creating a relaxing, meditative atmosphere. Oil diffusers and air purifiers are great additions to a space dedicated to relaxation and promoting calm energy. You can also consider creating a playlist of relaxing music to add to the atmosphere of your wellness space. 

Justin Chan, Growth Manager JuneShine

If your wellness space is in addition to your home office, consider making that room a hobby room. You could paint, write, play music or whatever your leisure activity is. Having a space for your hobbies makes it more likely you will take part in them. 

Jordan Nathan, Founder and CEO Caraway 

An effective wellness space is all about creating a sense of calm and isolation from the stress of everyday tasks and work life. Some things to consider when creating a wellness room are paying attention to the lighting and decor. Low, warm lighting and plenty of plants are great places to start. 

Alice Zhang, CEO Verge Genomics