How Have Businesses Adapted To COVID-19?

By  //  September 17, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, businesses across the world were forced to respond quickly. They had to adapt to changed circumstances and consumer behaviors to find opportunities in times of crisis. As a result, the world witnessed a mix of innovation, the accelerated use of emerging technologies, and new business models.

While many companies have not survived, others have shown the remarkable ability to evolve. This article looks at five ways in which many businesses have successfully acclimated to the ‘adapt or die’ philosophy.

5 Innovative Ways Businesses Have Adapted To COVID-19

1. Going Digital

When the pandemic hit, many businesses realized that not all services need to be provided in person. Virtual and live-streamed events replaced in-person stage shows, operas, and musicals tours. Similarly, doctors have expanded to telemedicine, while teachers, personal trainers, and consultants have shifted from hands-on sessions to video conferences.

In addition, brick-and-mortar stores have begun or scaled their online stores. This digital transformation will, in fact, emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

2. Adopting Omni-Channel Retail

In response to COVID-19, many stores have moved online and put greater emphasis on developing e-commerce value propositions. This includes next-day delivery, home-delivery slots for online groceries, and exclusive holiday-related offers.

Having said that, digital transformation does not mean the end of physical stores. While some shoppers may be reluctant, others still prefer shopping in person. This is where the omni-channel shopping model comes into place.

This business model allows shoppers to browse, order, and pay online while having the option to pick up their purchases in person. Integrating both digital and physical channels have helped retailers get the most out of each one.

3. Offering Outdoor Services

It is believed that being outdoors reduces the risk of exposure to the devastating COVID-19 virus. As a result, city governments have allowed restaurants to take over outdoor areas such as parking spaces and sidewalks to place tables in an attempt to expand their services. 

Moreover, restaurants have made ordering and delivery more streamlined. Drive through, take-out, delivery, and curbside pick-ups are emphasized. These steps have indeed given the restaurant business an important lifeline.

4. Becoming More Flexible

With travel restrictions in place, it has been a challenging time for the hospitality sector. However, they’ve come up with some creative solutions. 

Hotels are selling ‘buy now, stay later’ bonds and are offering all-inclusive room service deals and spa packages to entice customers. On the other hand, airline companies have offered flexible booking options such as free flight changes.

5. Pivoting To New Technology

To meet the needs of the hour, many companies converted their production lines for face shields, ventilators, COVID-19 test kits, N95 surgical masks, hand sanitizers, and more. Similarly, many technological and research startups have ramped up the development of entirely new technological innovations.

Wolven Industries is one of them.

Wolven Industries: Defence Engineering Firm Creating Innovative Solutions to Modern Threats

Founded in 2018 by Mike Norton, Wolven Industries’ mission is to develop technology to repair, protect, and prepare families against modern-day threats.

Wolven Industries was a dream kept in the back of Mike’s mind for many years. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Mike saw the global problem as a grand opportunity to finally turn his dream into reality. The company pivoted its technological direction from private military contractors to developing a handheld electronic device for disinfection using UV-C technology.

What Is UV-C Light and Why Is It So Effective?

UV-C technology has been the go-to solution for disinfection and sanitation since the 1800s in many industries, including hospitals, water treatments plants, and food manufacturers. 

UV-C light has germicidal properties that can effectively deactivate the DNA or RNA of pathogens, destroying their ability to reproduce and cause illnesses. Scientists have confirmed that UV-C light can kill 99.99% of all pathogens if used correctly, making it more effective than soap, bleach, and other chemical products. 

However, It’s essential to know that UV-C light can cause skin burns and cataracts if used irresponsibly. So, protective equipment and goggles are a must when working with UV-C light devices.

The pandemic has brought to the spotlight the benefits of UV-C light. This has led to the growing popularity and supply of many low-quality and fake UV-C cleansers and wands that do not provide the protection they promise. Instead, they create a false sense of security, increasing your risk of exposure to harmful pathogens.

Wolven Industries isn’t developing that.

The uRay: A Reliable Handheld UV-C Disinfection Device

Wolven Industries is developing a handheld, battery-powered, LED-based UV-C disinfecting device, called the uRay, that’s designed and built for both advanced efficacy, safety, and intuitive ease of use. 

Recognizing that the public’s understanding of UV-C light remains limited, Wolven Industries is positioning itself as a leader in the development industry. It’s using thought-leadership content marketing so that users can make informed buying choices that adequately meet their needs. 

Wolven Industries’ UV-cleansers uses UV-C LEDs from Luminus Devices, a world-leading manufacturer of UV LED with a lifetime of thousands of hours, distance and motion sensors to ensure safety, free UV protective goggles, and a specially shaped reflective sheet behind the bulb that focuses 90% of the emitted UV light on the target surface, increasing the intensity of the radiation.

With opportunities came various obstacles, leading to several delays. However, Mike did not give up. Having lived a long life of adapting in harrowing circumstances, he developed an anti-fragile mentality to learn multiple different fields and skills in no time.

His investment in tools and knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering enabled Mike to turn his entire house into a hyperbolic time chamber of training in physics and engineering while building a development team remotely.

Due to sheer dedication and passion, Mike’s dream is now slowly turning into reality. Wolven Industries is at the final product development and testing stages and will be ready to take pre-orders soon!