How to Bet on Hockey: Tips and Hits For Beginners

By  //  September 20, 2021

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Hockey is one of the most popular kinds of winter sports. Every year millions of viewers from around the world follow the major hockey tournaments. Since it is a very dynamic and emotional game, hockey is highly popular not only among numerous fans but also within the betting community.   

According to U.S. statistics, hockey fans are really interested in sports betting. And there is no surprise as it is not that difficult to understand the specifics of hockey and win steadily. If you want to know how to start earning money with hockey, just keep reading this article. 

1. Learn The Rules

Of course, you should not even think about betting on this sport without knowing its rules. Just like in a casino game, the first thing to do is to learn all the nuances of the game and only then move on. This way you can avoid problems and save your money.

Each hockey game consists of three periods. The length of the period is twenty minutes. In cases where both teams have the same number of points by the end of the match, an additional period is played. If teams can’t score in overtime either, a penalty shoot is scheduled.  

2. Explore Major Tournaments 

There are not so many hockey tournaments on which you can bet. Usually, these are the most reputable leagues —- NHL, KHL, SHL, and a few European Championships (Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland). The best league in the world is the National Hockey League, played by teams from the U.S. and Canada, which brought together the best athletes from around the globe.  

3. Choose The Right Betting Website

Every player knows that the key to enjoyable and safe gambling is choosing the right website. If you like to get big winnings and use the latest casino bonuses, you should play with the leading companies on the market.

Today, gamblers can easily find great best payout online casino on the web and enjoy the game even without any investment. But it is worth being careful and always check the reviews on various forums.

Experienced players and experts can advise where to find the best casino bonus no deposit free spins offers. You should also pay attention to the convenience of online casinos, the availability of customer support, and various deposit options.

All these rules also apply to the selection of bookmakers. The main thing is to choose a well-known and profitable website that will protect your money and personal information. 

4. Analyze Games

Be sure to analyze this information before placing a bet:

 Tournament Position And Motivation

Don’t overestimate the class of teams when it comes to over-motivation. Sometimes the most expensive teams lose to weaker opponents who are struggling to survive in the tournament. 

 Current Condition of Opponents

You should always pay attention to the fatigue of players. After a tough game, even the strongest teams in a tournament can be defeated by an outsider.  

 History of Opposite Matches

Beginners neglect the analysis of previous confrontations. And they are wrong because this point is one of the most important in the analysis of such a tactically complex sport as hockey.

5. Find a Strategy And Be Consistent

At the initial stage, when players have already understood the difference between gambling and betting, they should start experimenting with strategies. These tests help to develop tactics and then create an individual betting model. In order to start getting positive results, you need to use the same strategy all the time.

Never go against the system and don’t rush to place a bet just because the line looks very attractive. It is better to bypass the event than to break the rules and move away from the strategy. Remember that there are no free spins in betting and you always risk your money. Every bet must be placed in accordance with strict discipline. 


Betting on hockey is a promising way to make money, of course, if you know this kind of sport and understand the betting industry. Before you start wagering, you need to learn all the nuances of the game, study the possible risks and create your own strategy.   

Do not forget about the careful selection of online betting websites. You need to pay attention to their reputation, the number of users, reviews, withdrawal options, and many other factors. But starting to wager on hockey is not that difficult. Just follow the simple rules from our article and you will quickly become a confident hockey bettor. 

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