How to Show Your Wife You Love Her

By  //  September 2, 2021

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As all married men quickly find out, it is impossible to have a happy home with an unhappy wife. Luckily, making women happy isn’t that hard. As complicated as they may seem, it is the little gestures that matter to most women.

After marriage, the thrill of doing small meaningful things for your wife may die. However, it would help if you kept doing them anyway.

Here are a few simple ways to keep showing love to your wife. 

1. Notice Her Stresses

Women take on lots of responsibilities that men may not even notice. In the end, they are a lot more stressed than you may imagine. Noticing the little things that make your wife anxious, stressed, or upset will make her feel loved and seen. 

When she is overwhelmed, offer to help with some of her responsibilities while she takes a break. Something as simple as completing a chore or her can give you lots of points. Offering support when she’s stressed takes off the sense of aloneness and helps her realize that you are always with her. 

2. Kisses

When you were first wooing your wife, you couldn’t get enough of her kisses. However, the fire dies at some point, and you may find yourself kissing her less often. Kissing is an important part of your bond, and you should strive to do it as often as possible. After all, your wedding vows and proclamations were sealed with a kiss. Every kiss is a reminder of the good times. 

3. Leave Sweet Notes

Once in a while, leave sweet and thoughtful notes for your wife to find. They don’t have to be long or complicated. A simple ‘I love you because…’ is enough to brighten her day and make her feel appreciated. On your notes, state the reasons you love her and what you think makes her special. 

4. Get Special Gifts for Her

You don’t need to wait for special occasions to surprise your wife with a gift. Random yet thoughtful gifts will make her feel appreciated and loved. While birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts are important, they aren’t the only gifts you should give her. 

 Ensure that your gifts aren’t generic. Think of something she wants or options that match her preferences and personality.

When unsure of the best gift for your wife, jewelry is always a good option. From cute little bracelets to emerald rings from Diamondere, there is something for everyone. The best jewelry pieces are simple and versatile. They are timeless and appropriate for different situations. 

5. Compliment Her

Everyone loves compliments, especially coming from someone they love. Complimenting your wife often will make her feel beautiful and loved. The best compliments are unexpected and thoughtful. If you want some extra points, do it in front of the kids or when you have company at home. 

6. Quality Time

Life moves fast, and you may not get to spend as much quality time with your wife as you’d like. Take out some time to do something with her alone. It could be as simple as taking a walk together or getting a coffee. Listen to her and do not bring up work-related issues. 

 If you have kids, consider sending them to grandma’s for a few days. Turn off your computers and be fully present. It doesn’t matter if you are going out or staying in. The goal is to have as much time together as possible. Going on regular dates may also help you spend time together. 

 A good wife is the pillar of her home. When she is happy, her joy can be felt in the entire household. When trying to make your wife happy, think of her specific needs. What works for one woman may not work for another.