How to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

By  //  September 22, 2021

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The Covid pandemic has created a trend for people working from home. Because of downsizing many businesses have found that it is more advantageous to work from home in the aftermath of this situation. But working from home also means that you have a less active lifestyle. Less activity creates health risks.

Here are some ways to stay healthy while working from home: 

Eat healthy 

Less activity means that it might be harder to burn calories. Getting into the habit of eating home cooked natural foods will increase your chances of staying healthy. Eating the same take-out food you might have eaten at your office might not have the same effect now, being that you have a less active lifestyle. Watching your food intake is paramount for your health.

Sleep well

Get the right amount of sleep to keep your stress levels low and your immune system strong. This will also make you more effective at work. Studies show that a healthy sleep regimen can make you more productive, improve your memory, benefit your immune system and is good for your heart. 

Exercise regularly 

Working at home will naturally make you more inactive. A workout regimen will foster the kind of workout activity that’s going to keep you healthy. Shadow boxing, calisthenics, jogging in place and yoga are examples of what you can do when you’re stuck indoors and can’t go outside. 

Move around the house while working

Sitting all day is definitely going to impact your health adversely. Getting up and simply moving around increases your blood circulation. Even fidgeting or tapping your foot can help. Some people choose to alternate between a standing desk and a traditional desk. University of Waterloo professor Jack Callaghan who has studied the health benefits of a sit-stand workstation suggests that you should stand for at least 30 minutes per hour. Other studies have shown that 15 minutes per hour can already benefit your health. 

Pause between tasks

Giving yourself a mental break between projects will lower your stress levels and give you clarity of mind. Meeting deadlines is very important but taking a breather between projects will increase your productivity and can even boost your creativity.

Drink a lot of water 

The health benefits of drinking water have been mentioned time and time again. Drinking water while working from home is an easy way to a healthy lifestyle. Add things like lemon to make it more tasteful and give you an incentive to drink water regularly. 

Enhance your office space

Making sure your desk is by a window where you can get enough fresh air and sunlight is a very easy way to increase your chance of good health. Too much clutter can also increase your stress-levels. If you are planning on working from home regularly or at least for a few weeks, organising it in a way that feels comfortable and convenient can be worth the effort. A fitted home office with furniture that enhances your space perfectly can make working from home a lot more inviting. Imagine getting up in the morning and starting your workday at your own tailor-made desk and office space.

Try meditation

Meditating regularly and doing deep breathing exercises is a great way to relieve stress and increase brain function. This will make you more effective at work and in other aspects of your life. 

Lack of activity should not limit your ability to work from home. Becoming healthier can come from a few simple adjustments in your life that have lasting effects.