How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing: 100% Works

By  //  September 20, 2021

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Tracking a phone is no longer as hard as it used to be. You can now track any phone at the comfort of your couch with little or no payment at all. One of the most fascinating thing about tracking these days, is the fact that you do not need to be tech savvy to be able to get this done.

If you are looking for an easy way to track a phone without without  access and also without the person ever finding out click here.

 Another thing that makes the modern age tracking so interesting is that you do not need physical access to do it tracking can be carried out remotely without access to target’s phone whether it being an android device or ios. Whether you want to track your lost phone, track your spouse, track your employee or children, one thing is certain, which is the prevalence of a tracking app for your inquires

How to track a phone without them knowing

Tracking a phone is now very easy with the origination of tracking softwares. Tracking is now made easy for parents who wants to track their children, employers who wants to track their employees and lovers who want to track their fellow lovers. 

As a matter of fact, there are now inbuilt or tailor-made tracking apps for every device. just like the find my phone androids  and find my tracking tool for ios.

How to track a phone number 

Although one may think it is impossible for one’s phone to be tracked without physical access to the phone, the word impossible is now made possible with the advent of hackers as they have made it clear that no matter how secure a phone can be, all it takes to track your text messages, phone calls, or other cell phone functions is to know the person’s number.

With the use of ss7 technology, you can track any phone number without the person knowing, although you would have to amass some hacking knowledge to be able to carry this out. SS7 makes it possible for phone to be tracked via it’s phone number without you even knowing. While you may think that this tracking technique may be difficult to execute, do not be fooled as this tracking technique has been employed in high profile breaches.

Best phone tracker app without permission

It is important to know that not all phone trackers you see on the market today are not as efficient as advertised. Many of these software companies only want to swindle you of your hard earned money and do not care if you are satisfied at the end of the day.

These software tracking companies mislead you into purchasing their app without informing you that it is only useful if you have physical access to the phone in question. Though there are a lot of tracking apps on the market, flexispy stands out among them. flexispy is the most powerful tracking software you can find online.

The company that created this app didn’t just create a powerful app, they also made the functions of this app known to you so you don’t waste your money, unlike several other tracking software companies that do not fulfil their promises.

Best sms tracker

Can sms be tracked remotely online without touching the phone? Yet, it is very possible, sms trackers have been available for several years for anyone who is interested in purchasing it.

With sms tracker, you can easily track anybody’s messages remotely without them knowing, although an installation is required for monitoring to commence, unless you employ a hacker, who can help you to remotely access the phone. Sms tracker makes it possible for you to monitor all incoming, outgoing and sometimes all deleted messages remotely.

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Best phone tracker app

Flexispy is the best phone tracker app without permission. This tracking apps was tailor-made to make remote tracking or monitoring easier and more user friendly. This app is not only the king of tracking softwares, but also one of the most friendly in terms of ease of use.

Track a cell phone location online

There are several softwares that you can use to track a phone online or remotely. If you ever need one, you can consider one of the highlighted tracking apps below;


Flexispy, nicknamed the world most powerful tracking app is a very good app for tracking.  With flexispy, you can easily track any phone regardless of the location. Flexispy makes it possible for you to track or monitor all androids and iphones without physical access to the phone. Flexispy is available on the market for any one who is interested.

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Flexispy is very reliable for employee monitoring, parental control, spousal monitoring and e.t.c.

With flexispy, you can easily track target’s phone location without them ever finding out.


Mspy is a parental control app that was created to make it easier for parents to track their children. Although mspy was created as a parental control app, it’s use is not limited to that as it can be employed to monitor one’s employee, spouse, confirmation of curiosity and e.t.c

Some of the advantages of mspy includes;

 It takes no time to install

 Very user-friendly

 All activities are secured and only you can see access it.

 Budget friendly

 Responsive customer care

Download mspy


Xnspy is the world’s most powerful non-intrusive parental control app. Xnspy is another reliable tracking app for employee and parental monitoring. Xnspy works for both android and iphones. Xnspy monitors all phone calls, text messages, gallery, call history, social media accounts, instant messaging apps and e.t.c of target’s phone.

With xnspy, you don’t have to worry about what your children are up to as you can easily track them from any location.

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Highster mobile

Although highster mobile is not as popular as flexispy and mspy, it is still one of the best tracking apps you can find out there. Highster mobile is a cell phone tracking software for android and iphones. highster mobile tracking app is an ultimate tracking app that you can use to snoop on your children, employee or spouse.

Highster mobile tracking software will provide you unrestricted access to facebook, Instagram, snapchat, text messages, browsing history, gallery, calls, gps and many more. 

Highster for android    highster for iphones

Find my device

Find my device is a tracking tool by google for android users in order for them to be able to lock or erase a device or find their lost device.

Find my device is only applicable in a case where the device in question is turned on, has a preferred google account signed in, is connected to a mobile data, is visible to google play, have location turned on and lastly, have find my device turned on. 

Here is a video on how find my phone works

Quick link


This is another very powerful tracking tool. This software has been voted by many as the best tracking software in the phone tracking community

Hover watch

Over watch is one of the cheapest cell phone tracking software. As a matter of fact, hover watch offers free version for people to enjoy. Hover watch is not only useful for android and ios tracking but also windows. Hover watch is one of the best and most effective tracking software out there that can provide to you access to mobile devices remotely and secretly.

Download hover watch

How to track a phone by installing a virus on the device remotely

The use of malicious link embedded with a virus is another method to which you can actually track a phone remotely. If you are good with hacking, that’s a plus for you, but if you have no hacking related knowledge, you would have to employ someone who will create the link for you as this is more technical than phone tracking apps.

Tracking a phone with the help of private investigator

There is no better team that you can entrust with your tracking inquires. There are professional private investigators that specialize in tracking related activities, and since no one handle a project better than a professional, private investigators are the best for this.

Private investigators are usually more knowledgeable than an average person since that is what they specialize in and also what brings food to their table, Private investigators have the skill that is required in helping you to track your desired phone without issues.

You can hire a private investigator to help you find you lost phone, hire a private investigator to help you track your cheating spouse, hire a private investigator to help you track your employee, hire a private investigator to help you track your child or children, and for other reasons as desired by you.


Tracking a phone can be as easy as easy could ever get depending on the method you chose among the stated ways to which you can track a phone. Spy apps are usually the best and easiest way to track a phone as it requires no technical know-how. Other tracking tools may require technicality and if you do not have that, we recommend you sticking with tracking apps or employing a private investigator with more profound tracking knowledge.