Is Courier Delivery the Face of the Gig Economy?

By  //  September 12, 2021

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The gig economy has grown tremendously in the recent past. Many people now prefer working in the gig economy instead of traditional jobs.

There are many types of jobs in the gig economy, but one might stand above the rest: courier delivery. We have gotten so used to receiving goods in the comfort of our homes that millions are now working as courier delivery drivers or riders.  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over a million courier jobs in the economy, but they are not enough to address delivery concerns. Therefore, you can expect courier delivery jobs to become even more common in the future.

Are courier delivery drivers and riders the face of the gig economy? Let us find out:

Earning a Living as a Courier

E-Commerce is the primary driver of the gig economy and the demand for courier delivery services. Everyone has used the services of a courier driver, but many don’t know how much a courier driver makes.

You can make a living as a courier in two ways: you can either work for a delivery company like DHL or become a self-employed courier. A self-employed courier delivers the products of a company on a gig basis.

A self-employed courier has complete freedom over their schedules, when they work and how often they work. They are also free to accept and reject any delivery jobs at their discretion.

The average salary for a courier driver in the US is $34,000 a year, but they can earn up to $53,000 a year. It is less than many other careers in the delivery industry, but it is still a decent income.

As a self-employed courier, you can earn the same but spend your spare time on other projects. A courier driver employed by a large company will not have the same luxury.


A great benefit of being a delivery driver and a significant reason attracting many people to the gig economy is the working flexibility. As stated above, if you are a self-employed courier, you can set your own hours and work when it suits your schedule.

Hence courier jobs are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who want to escape the typical 9 to 5. The work flexibility also adds more excitement to the job, which many young workers want in a career since no two days are ever the same as a courier.

Another quality that modern professionals value is work-life balance. As a courier driver or rider, you get to have a better work-life balance than many other professionals because you are responsible for setting your hours.

Working Conditions

As a self-employed courier in the gig economy, the company could either provide you with a vehicle or you could drive your own. Regardless, you will be working in good conditions and earning a decent living which is more than you can say for many people.

You will probably deliver packages in an air-conditioned vehicle which has heat when it could and cool air when it is hot. As a courier in a gig economy, you don’t have to deliver goods long-distance. Hence you don’t have to be in your car too long. You will be comfortable, although your safety will depend on when you make deliveries.

Some contract courier jobs will offer a flat wage, whereas others will provide a floating one depending on delivery conditions. The latter is better for couriers as they get rewarded more for working in harsher conditions.

In conclusion, the answer to whether courier delivery is the face of the gig economy is probably yes. It is the most populated industry and is facilitating global commerce. No other job title can make that claim in the gig economy.