NFT Marketplaces to List Kobe Bryant NFT According to New Roadmap

By  //  September 21, 2021

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The team behind the KB24 project is one step closer to launching the Kobe Bryant inspired NFT, aiming at raising millions of dollars for the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation.

After releasing an official sneak peak on Friday night, the team announced a roadmap for the KB24 NFT, including plans to get listed on the NFT marketplace.

Check out the teaser here:

The rollout will begin with a handful of airdrops to early adopters, collaborators, and select fans via a giveaway. Throughout this process the team will get the project listed on websites such as and OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace online.

Once the project, which is anticipated to sell out immediately, launches, all proceeds from the sale will be donated directly to the Foundation. airdrops to lucky KB24 wallets

Some of the prizes included in the roadmap include eight special NFTs, courtside tickets to a Lakers game, exclusive merchandise, and one very rare NFT collectible.

Fans on Twitter were nothing short of enthusiastic for the announcement of the roadmap:

The digital NFT is designed to be a lasting tribute to the late NBA star Kobe Bryant. As well as ensuring that the proceeds of the sale go to the Lakers legend’s own foundation, KB24 NFT allows his fans to purchase a piece of digital artwork depicting their favorite NBA player. The Kobe Bryant NFT art collection announcement drew over 7,000 reservations in 48 hours.

The KB24 NFT project is currently running on Bryant’s former website, which he owned for over 10 years., which started as Bryant’s personal website in 2006, was the main hub for all things Kobe. From personal statements, to exclusive merchandise and even an online forum, the site was the place where fans of Bryant would head to connect with the Lakers icon.

Shortly after announcing his last NBA season in 2016, Bryant’s KB24 website was let go. Not long afterwards, it was scooped up by an unknown group and repurposed for malicious spam. 

The domain was discovered on the secondary market by the KB24 team earlier this year and purchased for an unknown sum. What happened afterwards ultimately led to the creation of what is now the KB24 NFT art project.

The Team Behind the KB24 NFT Collectibles

The current KB24 project was founded by Andy Treys and Sako Waves, two lifelong friends, and huge fans of Kobe.

Both Andy and Sako are seasoned digital marketers who have a track record with helping artists & brands grow via influencer marketing and viral campaigns. While this expertise was enough to get plans for the project laid out, they realized they would need to bring on some special talent to get this project off the ground.

The duo recruited their very own all-star lineup, consisting of long time business partners Omkar Ganesan, Roman Royale, Vatche Ourishian, and Erin Zadoorian. The combination of development and marketing expertise along with a wide network of resources made this group an easy choice for Andy & Sako. 

As the project grew, so did their needs. As such, the team reached out to their long time collaborators Elijah Steen & Tory Waligroski to lead the creative development side of the project.

 Every member of the team has continued to work voluntarily, for days and nights, to get the project up and running. 

What’s the Purpose of the KB24 NFT?

The goal that they set was simple: create a digital asset that would benefit the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation as long as humanly possible. As Andy & Sako realized the potential of this project, they made the decision to donate all proceeds generated from the NFT sale to the Foundation to positively impact underserved athletes and young women in sports.

All proceeds generated from KB24 NFT sales on the market will also be awarded to the Foundation. In short, every time an NFT owner sells the KB24 NFT on the OpenSea market, a 10% royalty will be donated to the Foundation. The team hopes this will translate to millions of dollars in charitable contributions to the Foundation.

Each NFT will contain a unique moment in Kobe’s career, as well as attributes and achievements from his career. KB24 is a project showcasing Kobe’s greatest accomplishments and offering his fans a chance to own a part of his legacy.

How to Buy the KB24 NFT

Upon visiting the KB24 website, you will be greeted with a purple and gold landing page paying tribute to Bryant’s legendary Lakers career. This site was designed by Marina Petre, the head designer of the KB24 project. 

A presale sign up was available on the site until September 13th, 2021. In order to participate in future drops, the team recommends fans stay up to date by visiting their official Discord server & Twitter page.

Leading up to the drop, the KB24 team will post contests on its Discord server where fans can participate in the presale. At current rates, the team expects all NFTs to sell out immediately after the project launches, generating an estimated $3 million for the Foundation.

Should the project become as popular as some of today’s well known projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and VeeFriends, the team expects donations to the foundation to exceed $50 million.

KB24’s community manager Elden Mirz was “excited, humbled, and overwhelmed” at the influx of fans to their Discord server.

What Exactly Does the KB24 NFT Art Include?

NFTs created by KB24 are a set of 10,000 unique digital artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. The base layers are created algorithmically by KB24 and used by it to create NFTs.

On the official Discord server, the team has stated that over 100 attributes will be distributed randomly across the 10,000 NFTs. There will be eight different attributes, including Jerseys, Achievements, Accessories, and more that we haven’t heard about just yet.

There are perhaps millions of combinations, of which 10,000 can be minted. Unique combinations enable the creation of some rare NFTs.

What Will Happen to the Proceeds From the NFT Sales?

As per the official website, the proceeds from the inaugural sale of all 10,000 KB24 NFT will go to Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. In addition, the Foundation will also receive 10% each time a KB24 NFT is traded on OpenSea.

Should this project be a success, not only will thousands of children be positively impacted, the entire system of modern-day charities could be disrupted.

While many of the NFT ambitions currently popping up are cash-grabs, KB24 will stay viable for a long time. There is a great deal of credit to be given to Bryant’s influence and legacy, which have led to a huge fan following around the world. Collectors and traders will be able to buy NFTs of the legendary icon.

As an added bonus, NFT holders will also be able to post photos and memories related to the star on the website.

Is This an Official Collaboration With the Foundation?

 Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation has been contacted via a number of sources and an official response is pending. Despite a lack of response from the foundation to date, the team remains highly optimistic that they will be able to donate all proceeds generated from this project to the Foundation.

The team is working on establishing a permanent Ethereum address that belongs only to the foundation, where they will be able to send all the funds.