Take a Trip to the Moon in a Virtual Escape Room

By  //  September 14, 2021

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In the last few years, escape rooms have become a popular team-building activity for organizations large and small. With the rapid advancement of commercial space travel and the sudden shift in working mode from work-at-office to work-at-home, a virtual escape room that takes your team away from the office and to the edge of Space science sounds like just what the doctors ordered. 

Take me to the Moon
Reason, a San Francisco escape room has captured the excitement around NASA’s plans to return humans to the Moon by 2024 with their popular game Moonshot°.

During the game, participating teams dial into the Lunar Station via zoom. A human astronaut explains the situation: all space flights have been grounded, and the astronaut is stranded on the Moon.

Teams need to work together and compete with each other to attempt to send a rocket to the moon in a rescue mission against time. Sixty minutes to be exact, before the launch window closes.

Anatomy of a virtual escape room

If you haven’t done a virtual escape room, here is a breakdown of different types of games:

Point-and-click games are usually not hosted by a human. They are self-guided web-based games where an individual or a team can log in and play. Many are similar in style to the popular Video game “The Room” and come in various themes. 

Avatar-based games are usually set up in a physical escape room where players direct a human avatar to do things to escape. Think of the Apollo 13 movie where mission control directs Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon to build a CO2 scrubber using paper towels and duct tape.

Remote controllable games, pioneered by Reason in 2020, merge the physical world with the virtual world by giving players a way to control things in a physical environment from their computers directly. 

Moonshot° includes elements of each, plus future technology components like a remote-controllable hologram, a 3D printer, an AI-powered mission assistant, and a charismatic human host in an astronaut uniform—quite an elaborate setup to maximize immersion.

Team bonding in complicated times
As the remote and hybrid work trend continues, the challenge of maintaining team morale and cohesion becomes increasingly complex. With irregular contact between team members in the office, zoom overloads, virtual happy hour fatigue, finding a way for everyone to engage in a meaningful way is more important than ever.

Moonshot° is a refreshing experience much needed by employees today. And the enthusiasm for space travel can not have come at a better time as we sit at the cusp of the 2nd space-age renaissance. 

Boldly Go
Moonshot°is an ambitious virtual escape room with an exciting storyline and thrilling gameplay. According to a market report, 60% of US-based companies listed on top of Glassdoor’s Ranking on Best Places to Work have engaged Reason for their team-building activities.

For space fans like us, that’s music to our ears because there is no time better for everyone to be excited about Space than now.