These 7 LLC Formation Companies Are Growing Fast in America

By  //  September 19, 2021

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Meetings conducted by the G20 and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development saw 132 countries committing to a global minimum corporate tax rate of at least 15% on the 10th of July, 2021. This proposed rate will drop the US corporate tax rate from 21% to 15%, which would make the US a more desirable space to establish a business.

A knock on effect of this would mean that LLC formation companies will grow and have more clients. This article will explore the G20 tax plans and how seven LLC formation companies are growing in America. 

The new G20 tax plans

The new tax system is projected to be implemented by 2023 and aims to prevent larger corporations from moving their profits to low-income countries. This new tax system will have an impact on all businesses.

Taxes will now be redirected causing nationals to pay taxes in the regions where their goods and/or services are offered. Once it has been implemented, LLC formation companies will see a surge in new clients wanting to take advantage of the tax rate and location.

It is expected that Florida, under the current governor and his large support base,  will remain competitive when compared to other states – and should therefore most likely continue to remain a top choice with both US and foreign entities who seek a business and tax friendly environment. 

These seven LLC companies are the most qualified to assist business owners with LLC services whether they aspire to form an LLC in any state, from Florida LLCs to Delaware LLCs.


ZenBusiness only charges $39 plus the state fee to form an LLC. This price includes the services of a registered agent for one year as well as a risk-free accounting consultation session.

Some of the pros to ZenBusiness is that they offer great prices and features and they have excellent customer reviews. Some of the cons to ZenBusiness is that they are a fairly new LLC formation service. 


Incfile offers a unique service by forming an LLC for free. Some of the pros to Incfile is that they offer exceptional customer service and a wide range of services. Their free service also includes the use of a free registered agent service for one year.

They charge $119 after the first year. A con to Incfile is seeing that their main service is free, they do have a large number of upsells and third-party offers.


Northwest Registered Agent offers services at a higher price than the previously mentioned services. Their higher price can be justified by the quality they offer. Northwest makes it easy for any business owner to form an LLC by including the service of a registered agent free of charge for the first year and by offering industry-best customer support.

Northwest is also the only major service that is able to scan every document they receive, whereas other registered agents are only legally required to scan government-issued forms. Some of the cons to Northwest is that there aren’t as many customer reviews as other LLC formation services and they have high price points. 

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer, having served more than 20 million clients up to date, offers LLC formation services as well as legal services. Their legal services subscription plan provides attorney consults as well as deep discounts on business services. Some of the pros to using Rocket Lawyer is that they are equipped with vast experience, they have strong customer feedback and excellent customer support.

Some of the cons to Rocket Lawyer is that their online incorporation service is overpriced and they include no advanced features. 


LegalZoom is geared with brand power and aggressive advertising to successfully serve their clients. Some of the pros to LegalZoom is that they have a high client volume and have extended customer support hours.

Some of the cons to LegalZoom is that their prices are higher than most and they offer no registered agent in the incorporation package. Surprisingly, LegalZoom’s customer reviews are not clear. They are clearly one of the most popular LLC services, but there are many negative reviews due to their high prices. 


BizFilings is a good LLC formation service, without any special trimmings. Being a reliable, experienced service provider and subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer, BizFilings has completed over half a minion filings since their establishment in 1996.

Some of the pros to BizFilings is that they offer a registered agent for free for the first six months, they have vast experience and have extended customer support hours. Some of the cons to using BizFilings is that their pricing is mediocre, they offer vague turnaround times and have fewer customer reviews than most. 


Nationwide pledges that all documents they submit to the state will be drafted or reviewed by an attorney. The LLC service, whose prices are higher than most, uses this pledge to position themselves between LLC services and actual law firms.

A pro to Nationwide is that the company president has over 25 years of business law experience, and he is known to occasionally answer customer query phone calls himself to provide customers with instant answers. Some of the cons to Nationwide is that their prices are high, not all their services are available online and some of their services have variable pricing. 

The Takeaway

The global minimum tax rate is projected to positively affect LLC formation companies by helping them grow. The seven LLC formation services are all able to capably form an LLC for any business owner. Business owners need to first consider and investigate their long and short term goals to determine which LLC formation service is the best for them. 

 ABOVE VIDEO: The global minimum tax rate is projected to positively affect LLC formation companies by helping them grow. The seven LLC formation services are all able to capably form an LLC for any business owner.