These Tips Will Boost Your Odds Of Winning A Workers’ Comp Case

By  //  September 2, 2021

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Workers’ compensation is an insurance that employers are required to carry for their employees. If you’ve been denied workers’ compensation benefits by your employer, it’s important to understand what things you should be asking at the first appointment to make sure that you have a strong chance of winning your case.

This article discusses some tips which will help boost your odds of winning a comp case. 

1. The benefits of having a lawyer 

Working with a worker’s compensation attorney like the reputable Attorney Charles Kania will increase the odds of winning a case.. To do this, be sure to ask them all of your questions when you meet. They will be able to clearly explain what you need to do and what they think the best strategy is for your specific case.

You can’t file for a case on your own and a workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia can give you all the information and help you need. Asking them the right questions when you’re dealing with a potential injury at work can be used to your advantage if you interact with the insurance company.

Knowing what questions to ask will make sure that you get all of your needs met and will increase your chances of receiving the benefits that you deserve.

2. Tips to help you win your case 

A question you should ask is about the time range. After an injury, people rarely get quick and easy results. It will likely take months or years before the court decides on your case. The attorney should be able to give you a good estimate of how long this process usually takes.

If there is any history of your employer making multiple claims for work-related injuries, it’s important to ask about this as well. Workers’ compensation cases are calculated and this means that more claims from the same employer will likely increase your own claim’s settlement value.

3. How to find a lawyer 

When finding a lawyer, the first thing you should find out is whether or not they have experience with worker’s compensation courts and the specific judge who you will be going in front of.

This is very important because some judges are easier to work with than others, and an experienced worker’s comp attorney will be able to tell you the best way to approach your case when you meet with them in person. Most people don’t know that this is one of the most important factors when thinking about how they can win their case.

A workers’ compensation lawyer should also be able to tell you about how your case will go if it were to go to trial. This may or may not happen, but having an idea of what the other side’s argument is and how they plan on using it against you is important knowledge to have before going into court for a final decision.

This will help you come up with a solid counterargument so that you have the best chance of winning your case. If your work injury was merely due to the negligence of your employer and you were not at fault, then you should be entitled to full benefits.

4. Common mistakes people make when filing for comp claims and how to avoid them

Common mistakes people make when filing for workers’ compensation claims include missing an important document, failing to check their claim status online, and not understanding the terms of their settlement. There are also things that your attorney may be able to do to help you get your claim if you were denied benefits or compensation.

The first place they should start is by sending you a medical report that will give them insight into what happened. They can help guide you through the process by scheduling appointments for you with the doctor, making phone calls on your behalf, and more.

You should also check your claim status online which can provide insight into what is taking so long for the courts to hear your case. You can also set up meetings with an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation to discuss your issues and progress.

The best way for someone to prepare themselves before going into an initial meeting with a workers compensation attorney or other legal professional is by doing as much research as possible beforehand.

This will make it easier for them to answer any questions, which could lead to necessary evidence being found in advance of having another medical examination done.

These are some useful suggestions from our experts on how you can improve your odds of winning a worker’s comp case!