Tips For Prolonging Your Rug’s Life in 2021

By  //  September 21, 2021

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Home carpeting is constantly subject to a variety of natural elements which, in turn, cause them to look faded and worn out, lose their original appeal, and get covered in nasty bacteria and viruses that could trigger health issues.

Ranging from dust, debris, pet waste, shoe traces, and pet paws, there’s an almost endless list of things that could be preventing you from keeping your carpets from looking lavish through the years.

This is why the following rug cleaning tips should come in handy, whether you are interested in Agara Rug Cleaning solutions or cleaning tips for other types of area rugs.

Why Is It Beneficial To Keep Your Carpets Clean?

Rugs that have not been properly cleaned for weeks in a row will usually accumulate a large amount mold, as well as dust mites thriving underneath the rugs. This will result in a specific foul and highly pungent smell that will not only pollute the indoor air inside the house but will also trigger a variety of health issues.

Periodical rug cleaning comes with a variety of benefits, and here are some of the most notable of them:

 deep cleaning area rugs means enjoying better indoor air quality

Many airborne diseases can be triggered by dust and dirt absorbing carpet fabrics when they are not washed properly and on a regular basis. Carpets need to be properly sanitized and vacuumed, preferably on a daily basis, if the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions do not state otherwise. You are also highly advised to hire the services of expert carpet cleaners that can assist you with the rugs’ deep cleaning needs once or twice a year for best results, especially in the case of carpets covering the stairways or wall-to-wall rugs.

 your rugs will have an expanded lifespan

The average lifespan of a carpet is anywhere between 5 to 10 years. With the help of the best maintenance techniques, repairing, and washing procedures, it is possible to expand the life of a carpet to 15 up to 20 years or sometimes more.

How To Expand The Life Of Your Carpeting

Follow these quick tips to extend the lifespan of your beloved rugs:

Make High-Traffic Areas A Priority When Cleaning

Hallways and living rooms are usually the ones that tend to attract the largest amount of dirt and dust, given the high foot traffic there. Be more careful when tackling these areas around the house and try to rent a steam cleaner or hire expert steam cleaning services to handle any old stains or nasty pet accidents that your regular vacuum cleaner cannot remove.

Use Shoe Racks & Place Mats At The Entry Doors

One of the main sources of contamination for any carpet is represented by the soles of our shoes that are magnets for dirt and dust. Opt for installing a generous shoe rack near the entry door and encourage your guests and all household members to always put their footwear on the rack before going in. Do the same with a placemat with cute or quirky messages on it that will invite newcomers to wipe their feet on it and prevent bringing in the mud and soil on the outsoles.

Immediately Tackle Any Loose Ends

Heavy furniture items and pet claws can tear tiny holes into a carpet or cause the ends to get loose; these problems should be immediately repaired prior to any washing in order to prevent the formation of larger holes.

Rotate The Furniture

Furniture’s foot is usually pointed and able to easily pierce through the same spot on any rug. Periodically change the location of ottomans, sofas, at least twice a year or more often.

Blot Accidental Spills On The Spot

Avoid aggressively rubbing any spill or stain off a rug. Use paper towels and clean cloths to gently blot spills and use safe mixes of baking soda and vinegar to remove or prevent stains.

Finally, schedule periodical rug cleaning services and let accredited and experienced rug cleaners use their advanced expertize and cleaning products to handle periodical rug cleaning for you.