Top Healthcare Trends to Monitor in 2021 and 2022

By  //  September 1, 2021

It is never too early to look at possible healthcare marketing trends for the next year, especially in the competitive healthcare sector. Staying up to date and implementing trends wisely can help reach more patients and help doctor’s offices stay relevant with patients.

One of the most powerful components of effective healthcare marketing is healthcare digital marketing.

What Are Healthcare Marketing Trends?

The definition of a marketing trend is a pattern of business behavior that becomes popular and is copied by others after it is proven to be a reliable way of connecting with customers. When it comes to healthcare, it is almost the same, only the goal is to reach new and reoccurring patients to encourage them to seek care with a specific provider.

Digital trends in healthcare and pharma marketing are becoming increasingly more important as more people spend more of their time on their phones or online than anywhere else, meaning the majority of the ads and information that reach them do so almost exclusively online.

Keeping a close eye on these trends and how they develop can be game-changing for medical offices attempting to encourage old patients to return or new patients to seek them out. Companies selling medical supplies also benefit from understanding and implementing marketing trends as ads reach doctors and nurses, too.

If a patient has seen an ad for a specific medical supply or pharma company, they may request those specific supplies from their doctor as well.

2020-2021 Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

2022 is quickly approaching, even if it feels like this year is dragging on, and it is never too early to start preparing for next year’s marketing trends. Staying ahead of trends can help healthcare companies grow and stay competitive with their competition.

Here are the most important current marketing techniques and trends that have been seen in 2020-2021 that will be following into the next year.

Brand Reputation

Patients and healthcare providers are becoming increasingly aware of brand reputation and choosing to steer clear of brands with bad reputations. A bad reputation can be unethically sourced products or practices, problematic origins, or how a brand reacts to social issues. How a brand reacts to being labeled as having a bad reputation is also closely watched by consumers and judged further.

Patients are also increasingly likely to research a doctor thoroughly online before making an appointment anywhere, even going so far as to look at reviews from other patients. Brand reputations can make or break entire companies, making it one of the most important digital healthcare marketing trends to keep a close eye on currently and in 2022.

Patient Education

More than ever patients want to be educated on what they are receiving, how, why, where, and a multitude of other questions. Having detailed, accurate information for patients to have is key for maintaining a good relationship with patients and their confidence in their providers. Without that trust and confidence, patients are likely to start looking elsewhere for their care or medicine.

Making sure this information is available online is especially important as most patients spend most of their time online now, meaning most of the information they see is online. Having a blog or a section where information is posted on the doctor’s office’s website goes a long way to attract people who were just searching for their current symptoms. This trend, especially with the youngest generation, is going to continue to grow in 2022.

Effective Communication

Patients value healthcare that is open and honest, especially when put in frank terms they understand. Keeping the dialogue open with a patient about their care is fundamental to their care because otherwise, they may stop seeking treatment if they do not understand what their doctor is saying.

Having open communication online is also important for brand reputation, being open and honest is characteristic patients often look for when researching doctors online. As people become more health-conscious and curious about their care this trend is going to continue to grow into 2022.

More and more offices are also making social media accounts to better communicate with their patients whenever they need them.

Patient Experience is Top Priority

Feeling like the focus of the medical office’s attention is important for patients because their experience with their healthcare provider than has an incredible impact on their view of medicine as a whole.

Making sure the doctor’s office’s website is running smoothly, is mobile-friendly, and has ways to make appointments can go a long way for a patient. More and more doctor’s offices are adopting this strategy and it will continue into 2022 as patients are more likely to visit a doctor’s website to research them before even making an appointment.

With so many options for doctor’s offices’ patients are going to go with the office that made the experience as smooth and as comfortable as possible for them.


Everything is recorded now and everything ends up on the Internet. Staying transparent and honest from the beginning with patients will prevent something coming out later on that patients may feel betrayed about.

This trend has been especially popular as brands have information released about them that leaves their consumers feeling hurt by the lack of transparency.

This will likely continue into 2022 as the Internet makes more and more information available for consumers to see.


Healthcare digital marketing trends, as important as they are, can be difficult to follow and keep up with. Many healthcare companies struggle to balance working on their business and staying ahead of the curve on current healthcare marketing techniques and trends.

Enlisting the help of a marketing firm, especially one that specialized in medicine, may be the answer they are looking for. Since marketing firms specialize in keeping track of trends, it takes the weight off the company’s shoulders and they can focus on more important things like getting patients the care they need.