Total Revive Plus Reviews: Is Total Revive+ Safe & Legitimate?

By  //  September 18, 2021

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There are countless complications related to digestive health; these can range from obesity to cardiovascular disease. A healthy gut plays a vital role in the regulation of body fat; if your digestive system does not function at its best, you may accumulate excess fat in your body and suffer a variety of health problems.

You end up experiencing sudden cravings, and your appetite becomes uncontrollable due to the lowered ability of your body to absorb nutrients.

The reason for this inability to digest food is primarily due to the absence of enzyme activity in the stomach, which breaks down food. Such problems may result from long-term neglect of your gut health.

With so many remedies available today, it is important to determine which is the most appropriate for you.

Total Revive+ is an all-natural enzyme-boosting formula that improves the body’s digestion and utilization of nutrients. By enhancing gut health, it is claimed to improve your overall health and assist you in losing weight.

Total Revive+ has gained great popularity due to its efficacy; based on proven ingredients, it has been declared safe for all users. It is claimed that you can eat whatever you wish without experiencing any ill effects or gaining excess weight.

In this article, we review the Total Revive+ formula and explain its working and ingredients.

What Is Total Revive+?

Total Revive+ is a comprehensive digestive enzyme formula made from all-natural ingredients, formulated by physicians for the improvement of digestive health. The UpWellness formula contains a variety of digestive enzymes that help boost the metabolism and burn all the excess fat accumulated by the body over time.

It also contains adaptogens that have been shown to manage stress; research indicates that stress can affect appetite and result in untimely and excessive cravings.

As a result of incorporating adaptogens in the formula, Totale Revive+ takes a multi-faceted approach. In addition to improving digestion and nutrient absorption, it reduces stress and the unpredictable appetite that often results from it.

In contrast to other digestive aids and supplements, Total Revive+ is free of synthetic additives and does not interfere with the body’s natural processes. As a result, it only stimulates the functions that have been slowed down due to toxins and lack of nutrients.

It contains only FDA-approved ingredients and is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to ensure quality.

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Who Formulated Total Revive+?

A board-certified naturopathic physician with 20 years of experience, Dr. Joshua Levitt is the brains behind Total Revive+. Having studied and practiced natural medicine for many years, he has treated thousands of patients considered inoperable by conventional medicine.

In the course of his extensive research on digestive health, Dr. Levitt discovered the exact ingredients required to optimize metabolism and enhance nutrient absorption by the body. He then combined these ingredients together in the form of the Total Revive+ formula. Weight loss and digestive health are not combined in this formula.

Dr. Levitt’s lifetime of experience is contained in one bottle of Total Revive+.

How Does Total Revive Plus (+) work?

The primary benefit of Total Revive+ is that it targets the root cause of the problem, which is a deficiency of digestive enzymes and essential nutrients, as well as the effect of stress on your digestive system. In this case, the problem is approached from different perspectives and a multifaceted approach is implemented to ensure that effective and rapid results are achieved.

Below is an explanation of how it works:

Among the ingredients in Total Revive+ are enzymes that promote digestion and metabolism; this increased metabolism promotes the breakdown of compounds within the body and reduces fat storage within cells.

An increase in metabolism results in the body digesting stored compounds and breaking down unnecessary fat, especially in and around the abdominal region.

Ends Stress-Induced Food Cravings

Various adaptogens are included in the formula, which are primarily designed to relax and relieve stress. The main cause of unnecessary fat accumulation is stress.

Stress elevates appetite, increases food cravings even when the body has everything it needs, and slows the breakdown of nutrients within the body. The formula promotes weight loss by reducing stress.

Ensures Better Absorption Of Nutrients

By including enzymes in the formula, not only do they speed up digestion, but they also ensure that everything consumed is broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, even if you eat only junk food, your body will never be deficient in any nutrient or vital substance.

You will experience the feeling of satiety and fullness when your body has received all of the nutrients it needs. Your never-ending appetite will come under control when you have received all of the nutrients needed.

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What Ingredients Make Up Total Revive+?

Its unique formula makes Total Revive+ special because it is a unique combination of digestive enzymes and adaptogens that promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle without any additional effort on your part. Below is a description of the ingredients and their properties:


Amylase is an enzyme that aids in the digestion of carbohydrates. It is found in our saliva as well as in our stomach. Amylase deficiency may result in undigested carbohydrates passing into the colon, leading to cramping, gas, and diarrhea. The presence of Amylase in abundance in Total Revive+ ensures complete digestion of carbohydrates.


Invertase is another enzyme that assists in energy production by assisting in the breakdown of disaccharides, a type of carbohydrate. In addition to reducing the fermentation of sugar within the digestive system, it is essential to a healthy digestive system.

Moreover, Invertase promotes a healthy immune system inside the body. Taking all these factors into account, the lack of invertase is detrimental to your overall health.


The enzyme phytolase is responsible for your body’s ability to utilize stored minerals and nutrients. The process releases calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are all beneficial to the human body. Weight loss is achieved by reducing food cravings.


Proteins are broken down into amino acids by proteases. After that, the body synthesizes new proteins by absorbing amino acids. Additionally, protease increases metabolism, which subsequently results in fat breakdown and weight loss. It also plays a vital role in toning the body.


The lipase enzyme is responsible for converting fats into fatty acids. As a result, fats are broken down more efficiently and energy levels are increased.


Serratiopeptidase is helpful for joint pain, muscles, and nerves that are inflamed.

Dipeptidyl Peptidase

DPP-4, or dipeptidyl peptidase, is an enzyme that will allow you to consume bread without experiencing gluten-related symptoms.


Emblic Myrobalans, scientifically known as amla, is an adaptogen used for centuries in Ayurveda (Indian medicine). There is scientific evidence that it is beneficial for digestive health, and it is a well-known stress reliever. Total Revive+ contains one of three essential ingredients that make it distinct from other products.

Gotu Kola

The plant gotu kola, scientifically known as Centella Asiatica, has also been used for centuries as a natural remedy. Additionally, it is used as a digestive remedy in addition to its anti-aging properties.

Holy Basil

Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is a medicinal herb. There are too many benefits of tea for the body to list; it is one of the best-known stress relievers in the world, has digestive properties, and regulates blood sugar levels. It protects the body from all the harmful effects of stress and makes it more resilient.

In the formula that makes Total Revive+ superior to other adaptogens, Holy Basil is the third adaptogen utilized.

Benefits Of Total Revive+

In addition to its countless benefits for your overall health, Total Revive+ may offer the following advantages:

  • Boosts weight loss
  • Boosts fat breakdown
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves digestive health
  • Allows for the better absorption of nutrients
  • Increases bioavailability of the body
  • Boosts immunity
  • You can eat the foods love
  • Eases joint pain and aches

All of the ingredients in Total Revive+ have been thoroughly tested and no side effects have been reported. Thousands of customers have used the formula and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. The wellness website contains a number of customer reviews that illustrate the effectiveness of the formula.

Nevertheless, if you have any previous medical conditions, you should speak to your physician before taking the formula. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends strict adherence to the recommended dosage.

Total Revive Plus Prices, Bonuses And Discounts

As a bonus, you will receive the UpWellness Probiotic+ if you order today. The Probiotic+ formula contains 6 essential probiotics that will completely transform the health of your digestive system.

There are exclusive limited-time discounts available on the UpWellnes official website.

1 bottle – $47.00/bottle (16% off)

3 bottles – $42.75/bottle (25% off)

6 bottles – $28.50/bottle (50% off)

In addition, UpWellness also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

With Total Revive+, you will not only improve your digestive health, but also transform the quality of your life. Unlike anything else you will ever encounter, it is a unique formula that works.

Unlike other products or supplements on the market, Total Revive+ contains digestive enzymes and adaptogens. In addition to improving your physical health, stress reduction benefits your mental health as well. There is nothing remotely comparable to Total Revive+, no matter how hard you search.