What Is Numerology and Why Is It Important?

By  //  September 6, 2021

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To explain in plain words, numerology is the study and interpretation of different numbers. A learned numerologist can interpret such numbers, to guide everybody on the correct path. You see numbers everywhere, isn’t it? Numbers are present in our life from the moment we are born.

You must have felt that way. An astrologer in Kolkata will be able to guide you in the right direction, with the help of proper numerological analysis.

More On Numerology Decoded

Numerology is one branch of astrology that deals with predictions and self-discovery. You will be able to find your lucky numbers, colors, directions, and favorable dates with the help of numerology. It can also help the meaning behind your name. Each person is governed by three main numbers. The exact day of birth, the total date of birth, and the name number.

These have huge effects on the incumbent. Your name’s vowel total and the consonant total is also important. Each number from 1-9 deals with particular vibrations. You must be wondering, ‘which numerology number is best’? Well, each number has positive as well as negative qualities.

Today, you will learn about the various numbers and their innate qualities. The numbers weave magic in your lives, in more ways than one.

Each Number And Its Meaning

Number One is the first number in the series. Moreover, it is often referred to as the primal force. It is a male number with strong masculine capabilities. Secondly, it is the number from which other numbers are created. The sun governs those who have Number one as their primary number. The One is simple and straightforward, just like its shape. This number turns ideas into action.

Number Two is a feminine number. Moreover, it is very co-operative but often misinterpreted by others. However, the shape of the number will tell you that it is resilient. The shape of the number points towards the fact, that it is flexible. However, Number Two often does not get recognition in life. However, it is sophisticated, stylish, and has excellent taste.

Number Three is creative in nature, but needs some guidance in the various affairs of life. A person with this number occupying a prominent position in their charts, will be inclined towards arts. Another unique factor that governs this number is that, it is present at the right place at the right time. Moreover, such people are humorous. It also has a jealous streak that can put others off balance.

Number Four is another feminine number, but is grounded. They are dependable and productive. However, they might appear solitary in nature. They like to complete tasks at their own pace. The fours do not like to draw much attention, and generally mingle with the surroundings. They are excellent with physical work. If you are able to understand the numerology benefits, it will be good for you to make decisions.

Number Five is an independent and carefree number. They love their freedom to the core. Moreover, you will find them to be of unpredictable nature. It is very hard for Fives to stay in one place, for a long time. They try different jobs in their life, and are rarely happy to settle for one. Furthermore, they hate boredom, and love to travel. So, now you can easily identify a Number Five.

Number Six is a beautiful number. Six is the healer, protector, and teacher. The ruling planet is Venus and thus love, care, and protection are the innate traits of this number. They are graceful and charming. However, you will often find them acting jealous and narrow-minded.

Number Seven is an intellectual number. Many such people governed by seven are dreamers and metaphysically-oriented. The seven can be a bit aloof too. They have a natural understanding of art. Now, you can find partners and friends based on numerology. Consult a learned astrologer in kolkata, to guide you.

Number Eight is often associated with money and power. Moreover, they are often one of the misunderstood numbers. The eight is the creator and destroyer. You will find them more focused on results. Ambition, efficiency, and drive are some of their innate qualities.

Number Nine is the last single digit number, and often considered the highest of the cardinal numbers. Moreover, they are believed to have global consciousness. The nine have similar qualities, like that of six. It is an inverted six. They are givers. However, they too have a dark side, which is cold.

Importance of Numerology in Today’s World

Numerology helps to identify innate qualities. If you are unable to make difficult decisions in life, you can depend on numerology. It can change your life, by finding the objective of your existence. Know about your prospective life partner’s characteristics with the help of a detailed numerological analysis. Numerology also helps you do the right thing at the right time and date.

Most astrologers will be able to help you with a detailed numerological analysis. Moreover, they also act as a career and job problem numerologist. This is another effective Tantric practice that can help you to gain love, money, and happiness. However, you need to get in touch with a renowned and expert specialist. Fraudsters are there in the sector too. You will be taken for a ride, if you happen to fall prey to such people. So, you need to choose wisely.

Check the reviews of an astrologer, who you are planning to consult for your problems. The best one can make astrological predictions for you, explain numerology benefits, and also perform Black magic. Everyone faces problems in life. However, if you are constantly struggling, you need to get in touch with the best astrologer in Chandigarh. They can help in resolving spouse-related issues, lover issues, and financial issues as well.

Get lost love back with the help of this unique practice. Accurate reports can lead to accurate remedies. So, brace yourself for the best time of your life today. Consult a well-versed professional in the field on detailed reports on various branches of astrology.