What Stabbing Victims Need to Know About Civil Litigation

By  //  September 16, 2021

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It’s not even remotely how you envisioned your night out. You and your significant other got dressed to the nines, and then drove to a popular bar where you were planning on having a nice quiet drink and perhaps something good to eat.

Instead, you were still walking across the dark parking lot when, out of nowhere, appeared a young man who stabbed you in the gut, then took off on foot. 

While luck was on your side and you weren’t killed, you still lost a lot of blood and suffered internal injuries. Plus, the emotional trauma experienced by both you and your significant other was and remains immeasurable. Now that you’ve been hospitalized for your serious injuries and given the police a full report of the incident, there remains something else you need to do right away. You need to contact a reputable security negligence lawyer

A negligence lawyer will immediately begin civil lawsuit proceedings against not only the criminal, but the facility and/or location (town, city, county, etc.) where the stabbing occurred, securing you a financial settlement that will allow you to heal in peace.

Stabbing Victim         

According to a recent legal report, becoming a victim of a random stabbing or any other type of violent crime like a “sucker punch,” can leave you with long lasting debilitating physical and mental injuries that don’t just go away on their own. 

Along with the stabbing wounds, survivors of violent crime are left with serious psychological conditions such as persistent anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Families of a loved one who was fatally stabbed are also relegated to living the rest of their lives with the torment and grief of having lost someone so close in such a dreadful, seemingly unnecessary manner. Again, this is why it’s so necessary to contact an experienced security negligence lawyer and or a personal injury attorney who can secure compensation for the violent stabbing incident. 

Compensation for Stabbing 

Just how much compensation are you due for being stabbed? Naturally, it all depends on the circumstances involved. Says the Legalherald.com, while you can’t possibly change the past, stabbing victims and their loved ones can proceed on the road to recovery with the assistance of the right resources. This means it’s important for victims to be fully aware of their legal rights. 

In many cases, “financial injury compensation” could be available for both economic and personal damages, such as, but not limited to: 

–Hospital costs and other medical care expenditures

–Mental health therapy sessions 

–Suffering, pain, and trauma

–Psychological turmoil 

–Loss of financial support for families of fatally stabbed victims 

You will be educated as to your legal rights as a stabbing victim and/or loved one of a stabbing victim, by discussing your case in detail with a reputable and highly experienced personal injury lawyer or security negligence lawyer. 

Impacts of Stabbing Incidents and Injures

If you haven’t been the victim of a stabbing yourself, it’s difficult to get a grip on just how serious the injuries that can result from it can be. Naturally, while the stabbing is going to be traumatizing for the victim, he or she will also experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the weeks and months after the incident occurred.

This PTSD can be permanent in some cases, although those who seek out professional treatment can realize a reduction in the prolonged emotional trauma.  

But this discounts the actual physical injuries that can result from stabbings. Knives can cause extreme harm when utilized by a “ill-intended individual.” In a word, the results are not pretty. The skin and flesh are both slashed, while internal organs can undergo serious, sometimes irreparable damage. 

Victims of stabbings suffer internal bleeding and systemic infection. These dangers can result inevitably in death. But if the victim of a stabbing is pronounced in stable condition, he can then file a personal injury compensation and/or a security negligence claim. If the victim dies, his family or loved ones can go about filing the claim(s).   

Treatment Costs for Stabbing Injury

Depending upon the severity of the stabbing injury, recovery can take anywhere from days, to week, to months, or even years. It all depends on the extent of the damage.

Medical treatment is said to be expensive and not always covered under personal health insurance packages. This financial burden can only add further emotional trauma to an already horrific and painful experience. 

No wonder victims who’ve survived, but are experiencing intense anger over their unfortunate circumstances, find themselves asking, “How much can I be compensated for the stabbing?” 

All too often filing a personal injury and security negligence compensation claims for the stabbing is a victim’s only option if they don’t wish to go bankrupt over something that wasn’t their fault.