Why Floridians Can Expect to See Aluminum Used More Frequently in the Automotive Industry

By  //  September 22, 2021

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The use of aluminum has drastically risen within the last few years when it comes to automotive uses, and this is only likely to continue rising in the future.

There are a wide array of reasons as to why this is the case, and, once all of the aluminum’s uses have been explained, the reasons why it is being used so frequently within the automotive industry become seemingly obvious.

In this article, we will be talking about why Floridians can expect aluminum to become more and more used within the automotive industry, and the reasons as to why this is the case.

Reduced Weight

Perhaps the main benefit that the automotive industry gets by using aluminum is the fact that aluminum is incredibly lightweight for what it is, which in turn, brings a plethora of advantages.

Reducing the weight of cars is crucial for a plethora of reasons, it makes transport easier, the materials cost less, and most of all, the performance of said car is drastically increased.

Just from this one point alone, you can see why the aluminium industry has a whole lot to offer to car manufacturers.

If the performance of a car is better, people will be more inclined to purchase said car, which will lead to a substantial amount of sales that would have otherwise not have occurred, making the use of aluminum extremely profitable.

Widely Available & Affordable

There are a plethora of advantages that come from using aluminum, but perhaps the most profitable of all is the fact that aluminum is relatively cheap when compared to other metals and it is also widely available.

Of course, this makes an extreme incentive for businesses to use aluminum over other similar metals, and it is evident as to why reduced expenses are a massive advantage to companies.

Furthermore, not only is aluminum relatively cheap and reasonably easy to get ahold of, but it is also one of the more environmentally friendly materials out there, making it a massive bonus for the automotive industry which already comes into the spotlight when it comes to not being the best sector for climate change.

In fact, there are even predictions that cars may be fully made from aluminum within the near future, and this makes complete sense when only factoring in the above two points we mentioned.

However, this isn’t definitely going to happen, and for now, it is just a prediction. Although, aluminum may just be able to save the future of the automotive industry as a whole if cars are able to be made out of a higher percentage of aluminum.

After going through all of the points we mentioned throughout this article, the reason why aluminum is becoming much more popular within the automotive industry becomes seemingly obvious.

You can expect this trend to continue for as long as aluminum continues to be a relatively expensive material and for as long as cars wish to stick around.