2021’s Best Delta-8 Gummies from Top THC Edibles Brands

By  //  October 27, 2021

Because of the side effects of delta-9 THC, people are trying alternatives, synonymous with the higher concentrated delta. Scientists and entrepreneurs are unanimous in forcing the new derivatives of delta 8 that came as candy. Yes, now you can double enjoy at once, you can eat and benefit in general health with these best delta 8 gummies.

While researching for the article, we came to a lot of brands with innovative solutions, vitamins mixed with cannabinoids, delicious flavors that can keep your mind and mouth occupied all the time, and great advantages from using the products.

It felt like we were inside an online candy shop, and we knew candies were healthy, not just for our teeth, all-natural, made from botanical ingredients, without harmful additives and toxins. It was a great ride for people searching for gummies on the market. I know you will enjoy it too. So read below and Bon appetit!

List Of Best Delta 8 Brands To Get Delta 8 Gummies From

  1. Exhale – Overall Best & pure Delta 8 THC Gummies
  2. Budpop – Top Rated With High Quality Delta 8 Edibles
  3. Delta ExtraX – Best Delta 8 Gummy For Beginners 
  4. Diamond CBD – Best For Wide Range of Delta 8 THC Products 
  5. 3Chi – Unique & Vegan Friendly Delta 8 Weed Gummies

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best & pure Delta 8 THC Gummies

Even though Exhale Wellness specializes in vapes and cigarettes, the gummies introduced to the customers are one of the best that your mouth will taste. The site is offering a fruit-flavored and vegan compound candy with ТHC quantity of 25 mg per gummy. But, they have the offering of an incredible 50mg delta 8 per gummy!

Natural and organic composition, no additional colors and flavors that taste like freshly picked fruit. They are not over-sugared, so if you are dieting, they will not affect your daily health. Customers are all wrapped in positive and exciting words about these delta 8 gummies.


  • One of the highest potent gummies, and at the same time cleanest, on the market
  • Discount of 25% with the subscription or 20% without (only for first purchase)
  • Price from $59.95 for 750 mg package, or $ 99.95 for 1500 mg


  • For some, the price can be tacky

⇒Visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Bud Pop: Best For Beginners With High Quality Delta 8 Edibles

These gummies can make you pop out of the stress zone. The Bud Pop lineup is a true candy shop. With a consistent tempo of adding new flavors, customers become addicted and eager to see the next product. They are also highly potent, so for beginners, the recommended dose is half delta 8 THC gummy. Gummies are so soft that they melt in the mouth.

Customers are praising the existence of Bud Pop’s gummies. They have helped them gain self-confidence after struggling with anxiety and paranoia, stay focused on the workplace, or have a good and peaceful dream.


  • The friendly policy of returning the product, in favor of the customer
  • Variety of flavors to choose from
  • Price from $59.99
  • With ordering more packages you get discount


  • Use of artificial colors to mask the penetrative taste of the hemp
  • You can reach the company only by an email

⇒Visit the official website of Bud Pop

#3. Delta ExtraX: Best Delta 8 Gummy For Beginners 

Delicious and good chewy texture, flavors that come from tropical places, Delta ExtraX is starting a business that is promising a global carrier. The popular rainbow pack is one of the best offers. You can find it at a discount half from the original price.

 Gummies are enriched with a blend, combining the distillate and specific terpenes, to push the taste and the impact to the maximum level. Because the gelatin is not suitable for vegans, but in general, Delta ExtraX gummies are an all-inclusive package. 


  • Premium taste
  • Helps mental focus, relaxation, and bodily overachievement 
  • Flavors offered: green apple, blue razz & mystery, strawberry and mango


  • Contains gelatin in small amounts

⇒Visit the official website of Delta ExtraX

#4. Diamond CBD: Best For Wide Range of Delta 8 THC Products 

Creating and manufacturing the products involves many professionals, meaning if you chose Diamond CBD you must have, literally, good taste. These gummies are a bit different from the other company’s products. Instead of a pure delta 8, these gummies contain 10mg of Delta 8 and 10 mg of CBD. 

Packed in jars, with a variety of flavors and colors, each color representing the flavor, they are strictly made for pleasure, enjoyment, and safety. Customers are separating the gummies as favorites from the site’s product palette. The choice of gummies instead of other THC supplements is doubled. It is beneficial for health, a reason why people prioritize CBD. 


  • Great lab analysis and transparent policy
  • Combining the THC and the CBD in one product


  • Not a full compound made out of hemp only

⇒Visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi: Unique & Vegan Friendly Delta 8 Weed Gummies

The team behind 3Chi has found an unbelievable method of obtaining the THC from the hemp plants. This revolutionary finding has pushed 3Chi as one of the best innovators for Delta 8 compounds. Using extra security measures during the manufacturing process, 3Chi gummies are suitable for everyone and taste good.

They are gluten-free and vegan-friendly formulas, but the only disadvantage in their structure is they have additional colors, which many can find unpleasant and dislikeable. But, if we pass around this fact, 3chi gummies are approved by the FDA as natural supplements.

Clients love the connection between CBD and CBN because it is beneficial for their health: it helps them improve their lifestyle with just one bite. You can decide between an 8 pack with 200 mg and a 16 pack with 400 mg. 


  • Fast shipment 
  • Great budget prices
  • A delta structure is good for the health


  • They act fast, but the effects don’t endure long enough

⇒Visit the official website of 3Chi

#6. Moon Wlkr

Because of the low potency in Moon Wlkr Asteroid edition, these gummies are widely recommended for beginners. Each piece of gummy contains only 12.5 mg while the average dose in other editions is 20-25 mg. But Moon Wlkr has an option for the more experienced users with the ordinary dose of 20-25 mg delta-8 THC. They also offer CBD gummies, good for sleep deprivation problems or in the role of stress relievers.

Customers praised them for the perfect blend of the flavors, cannabinoids, and terpenes, overall a successful and awarded formulation of the best delta 8 gummies. The mixture between hemp extraction and botanical ingredients is the ultimate discovery. And it is in front of you.


  • Multiple choices for amateurs and experienced users
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid blend
  • Ease of muscle spasm


  • Use of artificial coloring

#7. Just Delta

Customers are searching for the elixir that can take their life in another dimension. Just delta gummies are very well shaped and come in all-size packages and concentrates. The galaxy gummies are highly potent and are a great medical assistant in achieving improvement with some illnesses.

The rational price of the packages is another reason you should consider their gummies. Offered flavors are watermelon supernova, exotic peach, sour burst with a weight of 250 mg per package and 1000mg per package. 

Customer’s opinions are divided, some are extremely satisfied with the products, others are saying the dose must be bigger to get mildly high. Overall, our opinion is that they have everything that it takes to be mentioned as one of the best delta 8 gummies.


  • Exclusive packages
  • Great taste and flavors
  • Customers are unanimous that Just Delta gummies improved their sleep


  • Use of artificial colors


You just can’t bypass the fact that their packages are the best engineered in this market. First, the design. They come in styled jar containers. Second, comes the purpose. They are so well secured edibles for adults only, therefore, promising child safety. Thirdly, the humidity can’t have an impact on the content of the package. Gummies are protected very well.

KOI is using a pairing method: divine flavoring and the best quality ingredients, making every gummy with a 25 mg of delta8 isolate. Not a strain of Sativa or Indica is being dominant in the candy. Giving a pure therapeutic treatment, clients are naming it as a ruler in the THC online market. 


  • Average price
  • Great package that can assure your child is safe from accidentally swallowing, and the gummies last longer, freshly
  • Therapeutic effect


  • If you are searching for stronger flavors, may not saturate your taste

#9. Extract Labs

The sugar-coated magic in a bag is working for customers as a Pavlov’s reflex. Naming the flavors and seeing these jelly candies is mouth-watering. Their assortment has multiple proposes for clients: 

  • Full-spectrum gummies with a composition of 10mg CBN and 30mg CBD per gummy (recommended for amateur users) with flavors of apple, blue raspberry, and lime. Presence of 300mg CBN and 900mg CBD of the whole package.
  • Broad-spectrum gummies with a composition of 33mg CBG and 33mg CBD per gummy (recommended for everyday users) with flavors of huckleberry, raspberry, and blackberry. Presence of 1000mg CBG and 1000mg CBD for the whole package
  • Full-spectrum gummies with a composition of 33 mg CBD per gummy (recommended for experienced users). Presence of 1000mg CBD and 30mg delta-9 for the whole package.


  • Different doses for different types of customers
  • Great choice of flavors
  • A mixture of CBD, delta-9, CBG, and CBN
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Discounts


  • Expensive packages

#10. Blue Moon Hemp

The site is offering choices from CBD gummies which are suitable for beginners, because their concentration is low, starting from 7 mg to 20 mg of CBD per piece. They have really small prices for this type of gummies, usually, they are in a package of 100, and the prices rise from the minimum of $9.90.

With the Delta-8 gummies, which are far more potent than the CBD gummies, the prices are higher too, starting from $14.95 to $149. Different sizes, different amounts of delta-8… Blue Moon Hemp offers something for everyone.

The biggest plus is that these products aren’t using harmful chemicals as fillers for combining the natural ingredients.


  • A great choice for first-time users
  • Discount of $20 off and 500 reward points
  • Variety of sizes, prices, and delta-8 concentration


  • In comparison with the top picks, have been found low-graded hemp strains 

#11. Area52

Known for the low sugar quantity and vegan formula, this is the best choice for customers keen to limit their sugar levels input. But even the limitation of sugar can’t affect the delicious and organic, and most of all gluten-free content. Thus, these aren’t the most affordable or cheapest delta-8 gummies. They passed independent lab testing and medically proved that they can improve libido, appetite, help users get in a better mood, and lower daily stress.

Area 52 gummies composition is based on 25mg of Delta-8 THC with subtle traces of the group of cannabinoids. Flavors you can choose from are strawberry, green apple, and pineapple.


  • Suitable for people intolerant of high sugar levels
  • Good for mildly mental temptations


  • Just one variant of gummies

#12. Buy Everest

One of the most renowned brands in the USA, at this moment, has been manufacturing edibles perfect for anyone. But the 100% vegan formula and no GMO presence, make them special and suitable for people on a vegan dietary system.

They came in only one flavor- blue raspberry, which is a pity, but the fully flavored raspberry taste compensates for this unintentional disadvantage. The Everest delta-8 gummies are made from cannabis, grown, and cultivated on organic farms. After the harvesting, the marijuana is being processed in special conditions, an ultra-safe form of gummies, confirmed with laboratory results. No harmful ingredients have been detected.


  • Natural and vegan formula
  • The weed grew on an organic farm
  • Free from toxins and harmful residue material


  • Only one flavor is available
  • Some gummies are harder and are breaking apart while chewing

#13. Bearly Legal Hemp

In Bearly Legal Hemp, you can choose from two types of packages: with eight or twenty-four gummies. This is considered a top-notch brand in the USA, organizing frequent discounts and great prices.

 Every bear-gummy is enriched with a 25mg potency. Four flavors have been offered to the auditorium: pina colada, pineapple, strawberry, and blueberry. This flavor group extends with the addition of the candy flavor: banana and mixed berry.

The company states on its site that the gummies are made in a gluten-free facility.


  • A great choice for the customers
  • Big discounts over 50% of the original price
  • A refund policy of 30 days 


  • No shipping for the countries that prohibit delta8 by law

#14. ATLRx

The gummies are the best substitute for people who aren’t keen on smoking weed. The ATLRx, however, has the most organic ingredients synthesized in one product. The flowers are grown on farms outside of Colorado. The products after it’s been harvested are tested by an independent third-party laboratory. 

ATLRx is available in three sizes and is very potent, mostly because of the purity of the extracted oil. Assorted flavors in every package are watermelon, citrus, mango, pineapple, and blue raspberry. Great and improved results in nausea problems and general anxiety

No matter how tasty they are, it is forbidden to take more than 2 in a 24 hours frame.


  • The best organic marijuana captured in a jelly
  • Three sizes available: with 5, 10, or 20 gummies
  • Smooth transition from the state of reality to calmness


  • ATLRx is not liable for the damages during transportation

#15. Eighty six

This newborn brand is raising its voice in the cannabis world. New generations often have different points of view, Eighty-six followed that pattern. While every other company is experimenting with cannabinoids, they focused only on the beneficial Delta-8. 

Colorful and playful menu for the mind, the gummies have their secret ingredient. The recipe for happiness is using special vegetable oils in proportion to the delta-8 quantity. Creamy and fruity, you can choose from the navel orange blended with cream; citrus, and grapefruit blast; the crisp flavor of green apples, or the doubtful taste of watermelon and blue raspberry, which will keep you on the edge while chewing. Every gummy is extra potent, with 30 mg per piece.

Besides the gummies, Eighty-six is offering you sweet and sinful tastes of other edibles, such as chocolates, jellies, sour rings, and sour belts.


  • Delta-8 focused
  • Variety of edibles and gummy flavors
  • The potency of 30 mg per piece
  • Customers are grading with five stars


  • Containing artificial colors

#16. Skyhio Skyhio’s Delta-8 gummies are supplying the body with its natural buzz, calming the heartbeat with just a bite. Sound like something a brother Grimm would write about? No, we are talking about the Skyhio unique formula and presentation on the THC market. Even though they have only one gummy product to offer, it is one of the most searched and sold in the USA.

The package with a potency of 400 mg delta-8, and 16 pieces has one secret use. It can be melted in hot water and then drank as a hot beverage. Skyhio gummies are empowering the body with motivational thoughts and uplifting strength.

Skyhio gummies taste like ordinary gummy without the raw hemp derived taste. It contains gelatin, so vegetarians or vegans may not find it consumable.


  • It can be chewed as gummy or melted in water and drank as a beverage


  • Not suitable for vegans because of the gelatin in its compound

#17. Treetop Hemp Co.

The highly potential gummies of Treetop Hemp Co. have been considered as one of the purest syntheses of delta-8. In addition to clean taste, Treetop has made a magnet for the people who love Delta-8 edibles.

You can choose between four flavors:

  • Watermelon: the recognizable taste of the summer we as kids waited impatiently, for now, has arrived as a gummy for adults you can enjoy, no matter the season.
  • Sour snakes: Multi-flavored worms covered on the one side with a sour taste, on the other sweet and sugary,  daring the tongue-twisting. I must say, a real hit and run.
  • Peach: With the only aftertaste of sweetness and wishing for more, the vine-ripened peach flavor is one of the most wanted by customers.
  • Rainbow: Melt your tongue with the colors of the rainbow. A remix of the old but gold taste of rainbow candy, now with a finishing ingredient called Delta-8.


  • Gummy with a single potency of 30 mg Delta-8
  • Rich and creamy flavors


  • Only Delta-8 in the composition

#18. Mystic Labs

This brand creates high-quality delta-8 products using the best-grown hemp in the USA. It would be ungrateful to save words about the long-lasting taste and the third party lab reports that came clean and associated with the demanding policy of the FDA, concerning delta-8 edibles.

A great fuss circles around these mood-booster gummies. Customers are crazy about flavors of mango, apple, goji berry, guava, lime, etc. Proclaimed as one of the best natural anxiolytics that can reduce the sensation of panic attacks and symptoms deriving from this neurosis condition.  Made from industrial American hemp, Mystic Labs gummies have almost everything potential buyers search for. 

Delta-8 gummies come in three-sized packages with 5,12, and 50 pieces.


  • 12 flavors in your favor 
  • The best natural remedy for neurosis
  • Manufactured in the purest conditions


  • Additional shipping costs for orders under $75

#19. Hometown Hero

With a wide selection of tastes and an average price of $30, Hometown Hero is providing great delta8 products. Their packages contain 10 pieces with a 25mg delta8 potency each. The gummies deliver an uplifting feeling, even though some customers are accenting the chemical aftertaste. 

You can choose from flavors like watermelon, pink lemonade, green apple, peach, and blueberry. The users also are highlighting the blueberry flavor as a total winner. Hometown hero organizes all kinds of discounts or wholesale deals. For a price of $120 with a discount, you can buy all five types of flavors in one purchase. By buying four, you get the fifth as a bonus.

There is another intriguing offer, the choosy chewer pack, containing a fruity rise crisp and 10 Delta 8 gummies. A great breakfast treat, isn’t it? 


  • Great wholesale deals
  • Interesting packs with edibles and gummies


  • Strong to cut
  • Chemical aftertaste

#20. Better delights

Better delights have one joker in the sleeve, other brands manufacturing delta 8 gummies don’t. The offer of the decade: Vita Gummies. Vita gummies are, in fact, immunity boosters, containing vitamin C in the coordination of 150 mg CBC and 150 mg CBD.  Customers are thrilled about these antioxidant gummies that can help them fight free radicals out of the body. With a price of only $30.

Leaving the section “Better defense” and the Vita Gummies in our shopping cart, we enter the “Better delights” where tricks and treats are waiting to be revealed. Lollipops and gummies, cherry flavor, strawberry, blueberry, grape, peach, sour candy… A bigger package or 300 mg is enough to make me feel satiated? Besides the ordinary gummies, you have a THCV energy gummy of 100 mg potency in whole.

In the section “Better nights” the site is offering another rarity, a pack of gummies with 150 mg of CBC and 150mg of CBD in addition to melatonin. 


  • Great for combining vitamins and CBD 
  • Unique offers: energy gummies, vita gummies, melatonin gummies


  • Additional shipment costs according to prices
  • Not delivering outside the US

How did we choose these Delta 8 products?

This isn’t simple online shopping, in that you can only fill the cart, pay, and if you don’t like what was shipped, just throw it in the garbage. You must be careful when you order online something that is edible or is considered a kind of medical product. That’s why we carefully selected the products above, and these were the criteria used to get to the shortest selection.

  • The content of ingredients

Always compare ingredients of different products when in search of the best delta 8 gummies. Make sure that the product you are willing to buy hasn’t had some allergens or an ingredient you are sensitive to. Beware of the product if you are gluten intolerant or if you are leading a vegan lifestyle about ingredients of animal origins, such as gelatin. Avoid harmful additives, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors, they might put you at risk.

Caution: Especially look for cannabinoids such as varinolic cannabinoids or p-cymene terpene. These compounds usually are a sign that they have been extracted from hemp with poor quality.

  • Selection of quality

It is really difficult to tell if the story about quality products is real or fake. Check the internet for editorials, real person reviews, not just a paid review in some magazines. But to detect the certification of quality there is a possible way, and it is called a transparent laboratory report.

  • Transparent laboratory testing

Some brands are looking to make a quick fortune, and don’t care about the name or the reputation they will leave behind. Because of their hunger for profit, they aren’t turned towards the correctness of the products. Don’t ever try products unless you see the full lab results and the report for every ingredient in the compound. 

Reputable companies, on the other hand, care about their company assortment, and they are not here for a second of fame, they want their brand to become an international and recognizable brand. So these brands are investing and are constantly testing their products. Because if one product is manufactured badly, they can lose everything they were building so far. 

Caution: Avoid products whose tests are older than 8 months.

  • Spectrum of varieties

Good brands who want to be named as the sellers of one of the best delta 8 gummies, always have these possibilities opened: 

  • Size: offers with many sizes 
  • Flavors: more than two flavors
  • Strength: offering multiple potencies, so that everyone can have a bite without further consideration or fear

Caution: If you are a beginner, don’t let someone push your amateur boundaries. Start with a quarter or half a gummy to see your body’s response to THC.

  • The never-ending question of price

First of all, the process of extracting the delta 8 isn’t easy and cheap at all. The Delta 8 THC is not considered to be prevalent in hemp. So, if they want to make a more potent product, logically, they need a bigger quantity of hemp. To craft the perfect hemp derived products costs more than you can think of. And we are not talking just about money, but time too.

The best to protect yourself is to avoid companies that are offering really low delta 8 gummy prices. But for big and legit companies, with a wide spectrum of products, products that are cheaper than the others from the assortment, aren’t necessarily fake. Maybe they are on discount or are less potent than the others.

But if a shady company, without lab reports and customer testimonials is offering a really low price, then it probably means these products are dangerous. Or they don’t even contain THC levels.

  • Company reputation

Only a few brands offer genuine and quality goods made with appropriate extraction methods, with the right and legal amount of THC, and are made from natural ingredients.

How to stay safe during the use of delta 8 THC gummies?

As delta 8 gummies are edibles, when ingested they need to be processed in the liver, firstly. But when the dose of THC kicks in, approximately an hour or half an hour later, it can show signs of dizziness for a little while, so companies recommend little doses for beginners, quarter or half a gummy, and they have to be taken in a home or familiar environment. Until the body adapts and the receptors recognize the THC effect, you should keep a low profile: under two gummies per day (of course, it depends on the potency of the gummy).

Don’t forget that the gummies are meddling with your mental state and are delivering a mildly blurred consciousness.  

The best option is to consult your doctor before taking things in your hand, just to be safe and to prevent side effects. Make a plan with your doctor. He knows your physical and mental conditions and can refer you, in touch with his medical background, to the right product and dosage. Don’t be afraid, you don’t break the law. Delta 8 THC is federally legal.

The legitime delta 8 gummies and their legal condition

Delta 8 is legal in many states, but not all states in the USA. Some of the states have hybrid laws, about recreational use, or only about medical. However, delta 8 THC is legal but in a gray area. The best delta 8 gummies presented in the article are made from genuine hemp, meaning no traces of delta9 THC can compromise the legality of the edibles.


  • Clear head with no panicking
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Happiness supported with giggles
  • Emotional control
  • Mood improvement and anxiolytic reliever
  • Encourages creativity
  • No more body pain


  • Cotton or dry mouth
  • Increased appetite
  • Acquired tolerance of D9, so you need more to get the average feeling of D8
  • Delayed high effect
  • Difficulty dosing for the right and desirable impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are gummies better than smoking delta 8?

Yes, gummies are a better solution because they don’t affect the lungs. But because gummies are ingested and not inhaled, it takes longer for the THC to kick in. Another difference is that the psychoactive effect will last longer than if you smoke because digestion is a slower process than the lungs inhaling.

Q2. How many delta gummies to take at once? 

Take one gummy at a time and wait for the result. Notice the time when the effects of delta 8 gummies will start and how overwhelmed you will be. If you need to feel the psychoactive impact, increase one gummy at a time. But be careful, you shouldn’t exaggerate.

Q3. How long does delta 8 stay in your system?

Usually, it lasts 3-8 hours, depending on the dose you used and your metabolic rate. 

Q4. Can you take delta 8 gummies every day?

Yes. The recommended dose is 1-2 gummies daily if you use the ones with the potency of 25 mg per piece. Because there are others with a concentration of 33 mg and even 50 mg. As your experience with the user will start rising, you can solely know how much is enough to get the feeling you want, no matter if it’s calming and relaxing or more psychoactive.

Q5. What happens if you eat too much delta 8 edibles?

Even if you take a higher dose of the usual, delta 8 can’t harm you, not in a million years. The only thing that you may experience is some side effects: cottonmouth and dry eyes, fatigue, poor concentration, and dizziness. So, embrace the overdosing and take a good, peaceful dream.

Q6. What are the effects of using delta 8 gummies?

  • Better concentration and focus
  • Appetite is improving with the further use
  • Clear mental state
  • The feeling of calmness, good sleep, and body relaxation

Q7. Are gummies safe?

Delta THC infused gummies are certified and approved by the GMP/ISO facility and the FDA. The brands we enumerated before having all kinds of laboratory testing and reports show natural ingredients with some slightly artificial color addition or gelatin used.


Delta 8 edibles are becoming dominant in the THC legally dosed market because they have multiple purposes: they don’t harm the lungs, because they are ingested, have a prolonged effect because the digestion process is slow, and don’t have the psychoactive impacts that are concerning customers: paranoia, fear, anxiety, bizarre body awareness. 

The brands in the article present quality, high hemp extraction methods, and manufacturing products inside the USA. They offer great potency, a variety of flavors, and many discounts and rewards. The only thing you should be concerned about is what to choose and chew!