5 Future Custom Clothing Trends You Should Not Miss

By  //  October 22, 2021

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When times change as fast as they have been recent, it can be hard to keep track of all of the new trends that are coming up left and right. Luckily, when a good trend comes into view, it usually stays a while so you have time to catch up before it goes away. Right now, there are dozens of trends coming around the corner, but these are the 5 that are going to stick around.

Customizable Baby Names Blanket

If you have a child, or you know someone with a child, this is something that you should jump into now. Customizable baby blankets are quickly becoming something very special to new moms, and their children as they grow up with this item that has sentimental value.

Whether you are taking old onesies and sewing them into a blanket, or you are getting baby name blankets for this child in your life, this is something that is coming up fast and is going to stick around. These kids are going to grow up and they are going to continue the tradition with their own kids. So, don’t wait on jumping onto these sentimental blankets.

Customizable shirts

Now, this can mean many things. For this specific section, we’re talking about templates and images. If you have a shirt idea with words, pictures, or anything in between, this is something that will excite you. It is quickly becoming a fashion trend to wear your ideas on your sleeves, or chest if you choose to get a set of personalised t-shirts rather than sweaters.

It can be a picture of a cat riding a taco, a picture of a shark that says to have a whale of a time or anything that your brain can think of. Customizable shirts are easier to do now than ever, you don’t even need to know someone with a shirt press to make these for you.

You can make them online, or you can go to a local business and ask them for a specific design. These designs your own t-shirts are going to be around for at least the next two years, so you have plenty of time to think of the idea and have it printed before it falls away.

Handmade bags

A lot of people are creating bags out of anything these days. This is a trend you will love if you are a creative person. If you have an old pillow, stuffed animal, or even blanket that you wish you could bring around more, or that you want to validate the purchase of despite not using this item much, you can have it turned into a backpack, a purse, or even a wallet with a few stitches and a little cutting.

If you aren’t handy or crafty in the ways that you need to be in order to make this vision a reality, you can find plenty of people online willing to do this for you so that you can still get this product.

Crazy, and unique bags are a new trend, and they are mostly popping up with teenagers right now, but they are going to stay around for a very long time. People are sentimental, so you might as well not deny yourself the teddy bear backpack that you want.

Tie-dyed clothing items

This is an easily customizable shirt that you can make yourself with only a few supplies. Even if you aren’t a creative person, almost anyone can make a cute tie-dyed shirt. And the best part? They’re popular right now.

Made to order pieces

Finally, if you aren’t quite sure what you want yet, but you know that you don’t want to have the exact same style as everyone else, a lot of online shops do made to order pieces. Let these designers know what your style is, and they can make something up for you that you will love, and only you will get to wear.