5 Ways to Stay Up to Date With Financial Markets

By  //  October 22, 2021

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If you want to keep up with financial markets, you now have a plethora of outlets and sources to choose from, such as social media, online news, and news aggregators, in addition to newspapers and specialized publications.

This is critical for those who invest in financial markets. Not only is having multiple sources of information advantageous but digital resources are frequently updated by the second, providing investors with the most accurate and current data possible.

On the other hand, digital resources can be less reliable than print or other forms of resources. Financial markets react just as quickly to rumours as they do to good information. So, how does one go about looking for current financial market information online?

1. Updates from reliable news resources

If you have a trusted news source, it is worth subscribing to their Twitter and social media feeds and configuring your settings to receive instant updates.

News websites like Traders Thailand, CNN, C-SPAN, Fin News 24 and the New York Times all have 24-hour social media feeds that update with breaking news at a moment’s notice. However, regardless of which website you choose to use, make sure you test it out before relying on it to make financial decisions.

2. Train your RSS reader

RSS is an abbreviation for “rich summary reader,” and it is a service that allows you to subscribe to a variety of information sources and customize the information you see all in one place. It can consolidate information from Yahoo Finance, Motley Fool, and financial blogs altogether.

Once you’ve decided on an RSS reader, do a Google search for RSS and your information resource to find their feed to add to your reader.

3. Make use of Google alerts

Most people are aware that you can use everyone’s favourite search engine, Google, to find the information you want, but many are unaware that Google also offers an alert service that sends you a message when there is new information on a specific topic.

When you sign up for the service, you can configure your settings so that you receive alerts at regular intervals about specific topics, such as the stock market or the performance of specific companies.

4. Make use of a downloadable newsticker

Many media sites allow you to download a widget you can place on your desktop or phone home screen that periodically updates with breaking news stories, some curated specifically to financial markets. This allows you to continue doing whatever work you were doing without having to spend a great deal of time surfing the Internet for news articles about financial markets.

Some independent programs not affiliated with a particular media outlet will allow you to add the news tickers of several resources, including social media, to a single scrolling ticker on your desktop. This is especially helpful for keeping up with world financial news and Forex news.

5. Make use of discussion forums and chat rooms

This suggestion will take a little more effort to find reliable sources, but if there is a specific influencer you trust and follow, many of them will have ongoing chat rooms, YouTube channels, or discussion forums where participants and subscribers can exchange information, which can occasionally result in tips and breaking news before media outlets get them.

Again, you must exercise caution with these, as most fake news and information spreads through these chat rooms and forums. They can, however, be a great source of information if the resource is good and moderated by a reputable and responsible influencer.

There are numerous methods for assembling a diverse set of financial market information sources that support your specific investment strategy. Investopedia, Motley Fool, and Yahoo! News are all good places to start when looking for information resources.

For the investor with a constantly shifting strategy, keeping up with financial news and breaking world market news is critical. While it may take some time and effort to build a library of reliable news sources for your own strategy, it is well worth the effort.