6 Ways Business Owners Can Continue Adapting to the New Normal in 2021

By  //  October 27, 2021

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The global COVID-19 pandemic disrupted nearly everyone’s lives, and many businesses had to make pivots to survive. Public health orders and supply chain challenges combined with employee and customer hesitancy make it difficult for business owners to find their footing again even as the pandemic eases. 

That said, it’s the business owners who found ways to remain adaptable to the new normal that are showing staying power. The past two years are a masterclass in why future-proofing your business and staying flexible are critical to your survival. Here are six ways business owners can remain agile in a volatile business environment. 

Use a virtual office

With lasting concerns about exposure to COVID-19 still dominating the airwaves, setting up a virtual office can give business owners increased flexibility. Owners can save money on rent and utilities for an office building but still maintain a physical address for image purposes

. Employees concerned about high-risk health conditions can continue to work from home, and thus business operations continue even when face-to-face contact is impossible. 

Virtual offices such as those from iPostal1 also allow business owners to gain access to co-working spaces and conference rooms when they need them. Subscribers can also screen mail, phone calls, and incoming faxes from the comfort of their COVID-safe homes. 

Offer digital options

Just as employees might have reservations about returning to in-person work, customers might also prefer online or digital interactions. Businesses that have online shopping, free shipping, and curbside pickup will appeal to more customers. 

Also, business owners that use technology to deliver traditionally in-person services can continue to reach consumers. For example, exercise classes and instructional courses can go digital using video conference technology. Physical attendance in a central location is no longer required for much of our daily activities. 

Assess mistakes

With the unknown factor and life’s constant change, mistakes will happen. Learn to assess errors as a process failure or vulnerability instead of a personal shortcoming. Resilient business owners can determine what caused the mistake and take steps to correct it.

Think forward

It’s easy to find yourself stuck in survival mode, especially when it’s tough to break even. But owners who think about the future and capitalize on trends can do more than survive. These market savvy entrepreneurs will be able to anticipate most upcoming changes, whether they’re positive, neutral, or negative. 

Recognize accomplishments

With all the businesses that shut their doors, it’s an accomplishment to still be standing. Adaptable business owners know how to recognize wins both big and small. This recognition includes giving credit to their employees when they contribute to the company’s success. 

Putting employees at the center is critical for morale in these trying times. Reward star employees as much as you can. Sometimes that reward can be as simple as a sincere thank you or an extra day of PTO allowance.

Invest in training and technology

With constant change comes feelings of instability. Giving employees the training they need to succeed in this environment can help retain them. The latest technology standards can also help businesses prepare for and make quick adjustments. 

Final thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to the global economy that haven’t been seen since the 1920s. While there are similarities and differences, business owners are dealing with unprecedented environmental fluctuations. These include rapidly changing information about the virus itself and varying degrees of health-related restrictions.

To stay adaptable, owners can invest in tech, employees, and internal processes.