9 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Cozy Winter

By  //  October 21, 2021

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Winters can get unpleasant, but the changing seasons remind you that the year is about to end. We all like the idea of new beginnings and a fresh start. Winters mark the end of a year and the coming of another. However, with it, you get snow, rain, and blocked roads that you’ll have to deal with till the season lasts.

Your house will also become significantly colder, and unless you prepare for the weather, you’ll have a hard time remaining warm. Who doesn’t want their winter to get filled with warm cocoa, cozy blankets, and a toasty atmosphere?

So as winter comes yet again, here’s what you need to do for your house to make it hospitable:

1. Make a plan on what your house needs

Winter means you’ll have to stay at home often. So you want your space to look as inviting as possible. At the same time, you’ll need to take care of all technical chores. These include ensuring all your garden pipes are disconnected, and all the hoses get put away.

You also need to ensure that your gutter, filters, and drains are clean and dry. Clean out your heaters and radiators to ensure there is no dust on the surface. The work sounds annoying, but it is essential. Burst pipes and damaged houses are standard during winter unless you prepare for them. If you feel your insulation needs working, you should look into that too.

2. Shift your things around

Your summer and spring items, no matter what they are, need to go into storage. Invest in self storage and utilize it throughout winter. You can put all your out-of-season belongings in it and bring them out when needed. And in case you already have wintery stuff such as a Christmas tree and decorations stashed in one, bring them out now.

You may also bring out heaters and mobile radiators that you may have kept in storage. Shuffle things around and create a vision of your winter wonderland using items you have at home. 

3. Paint your walls

Winters are a good time to invest in your walls. Colors help your house stay warm, depending on the color. If you have warm tones around your home, heat will get trapped within the walls. If you use lighter colors, they make your room breezier.

Winters are a good time to switch up your colors. If you get both winters and summers in equal intervals, get a color palette that balances between seasons. If you’re planning to bring out your paints, we recommend shades of orange and red to give your house a snuggled-up look. Not only will your home look cozy, but it will also look winter-ready. Your rooms will look warm and inviting, and that is a good initiative you want to take to feel comfy during winters. 

4. Get oversized cushions

Winters means snuggling into your sofa. While it’s not intelligent to get furniture changed every season, you can get covers. You can easily make foldable covers for your sofa to put over your furniture to give it a warm tone. Buy oversized cushions and line them on your floor.

Ensure everything you buy is warm to look at and soft. These cushions can follow a theme such as having snowflakes or a winter design. If you get cushions with faux fur, you’re only going to add to the charm of your house. They’ll add a lovely charm to your living area, especially if you have a neat fireplace.

5. Create tactile spaces for yourself

It would help if you found spots in your house that are cozy. These can be the attic, closet, or even the corner of your home. The idea is you’re making yourself a cozy spot. Not only does a cozy place make your house comfortable, but it also makes you happy. You can create a small reading corner.

You can even add items for children, such as a baby-themed design. You’ll notice when you have space to yourself your house is more comfortable. You’ll enjoy the toasty air that the vents give out. Drape a shawl over your body and cozy up for a book. You can do the same for your children. Keep a spot for your children. Keep it filled with blankets, toys, and even books. You’re ready for a cuddle-filled winter.

6. Get large paintings

Paintings add coziness to your house. Paintings can make a room look inviting and more open or small and congested. A winter theme helps you decide what images you need to pick out.

You can choose gold, streaks of blue, and even speckles of white. Try getting abstract art around your house to help you balance the warm shades of the house. Your home will feel comfortable, and you’ll feel your house looks ready for winter.

7. Stoke a fire

If you have a fireplace in your house, you need to bring it to life. You need to start by cleaning out your fireplace and ensure it’s ready to burn throughout the season. If you feel your fireplace needs proper inspection, hire a professional to check for any hazards you should worry about.

These include the fireplace being in poor shape and adequate passage of smoke outside the house. Once your fireplace gets cleaned correctly, all you need to do is buy wood and light fire. Keep a hot poker nearby and stoke the flames now and then. The warmth of the fire will make your house nice and toasty.

8. Seal your windows and doors

It wouldn’t make sense that you’re doing so much preparation only to discover that your windows and doors are letting in cold air. Cold air can easily blow in and cause you to freeze in the cold. I

t will also mess with the ambiance you’ve created for your house. So caulk your windows and doors for an air-tight effect that prevents air from coming in or escaping. Don’t leave your doors open for too long during winter. Keep them nice and shut. You’ll prevent both snow and wind from coming in. You will also enjoy winter more when you don’t need to worry about these elements.

9. Get insulated curtains 

During the summers, it’s okay if you have lightweight curtains. But during winter, switch it up. Get insulted curtains that are heavy, thick, and drape beautifully over your windows. You’ll appreciate the warmth they exude. If you buy them in neutral shades, they’ll make your house look even prettier. So consider investing in that direction.

Wrap up 

Winters can get gloomy coupled with the seasonal blues. So start by taking into account what parts of your house need fixing. Then give your home an entirely new look to ensure it is winter-ready. Paint your walls and buy décor and caulk the windows and doors. Invest in warm blankets and cushions.

Put out-of-season stuff in the store and pull out all the wintery stuff. By following the tips mentioned in this article, your home will be cozy and ready for the upcoming holiday season.