A Possible Label Change on the Paragard IUD Sparks Scrutiny

By  //  October 24, 2021

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Birth control has been an important topic during the past few years, and one popular form of birth control is the Paragard IUD. Initially, this method of birth control became popular because it did not require any hormones.

Unfortunately, this means individuals who use paragard may not experience the same side effects of hormonal birth control measures. Hormonal birth control measures lead to headaches and nausea.

Unfortunately, Paragard has also come under a significant amount of scrutiny during the past few years. For example, several Paragard lawsuits have been filed related to the tendency of this birth control method to break while in use or when it is removed.

Now, there is a new issue with paragard. Some people are concerned that the manufacturer may have changed the label on Paragard without notifying users of this label change. What does this mean, and how should people respond? 

Why Paragard Can Lead To Injuries

One of the first reasons why the Paragard IUD came under scrutiny is that it can lead to injury. The device has been designed to be easy to insert and remove. Unfortunately, there are certain situations where only the central portion of the IUD is exposed during the removal process. 

Therefore, when a medical professional try to remove the IUD, they may only be pulling on the central portion of the Paragard IUD. Unfortunately, this means that the central force may break off from the horizontal arms. As a result, the horizontal arms could be left behind in the uterus. 

If the arms of the IUD are free to float around inside the uterus, it could lead to significant internal damage. Some of these injuries could be life-threatening, leading to a flurry of lawsuits. 

What the Paragard IUD Label Change Might Mean

As a result of the breakage issues, the manufacturer decided to change the label on the IUD itself. Unfortunately, a lot of women using the IUD were not notified. Furthermore, the label change was buried at the bottom of the label, making it hard to notice.

It turns out that the manufacturer is not actually required to notify women of the change on the label. Even though patients were supposed to receive a card with information related to the IUD, some women did not receive the same information. Therefore, it is easy to see how women may have gotten confused. 

All Paragard Users Must Talk To Their Doctors

Clearly, a lot of the issues related to the Paragard IUD are concerning, and numerous individuals have already suffered injuries related to the breakage of the IUD. It is important for a woman to talk with their doctors about their birth control options. That way, they have access to an option that is safe and effective.

Furthermore, anyone who has suffered an injury while using the Paragard IUD should talk with a trained legal professional about their options. Nobody should have to be worried about suffering an injury while using birth control.