Adopt or Shop? Adopting a Dog vs. Buying From a Breeder

By  //  October 24, 2021

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Deciding to add a dog to your family has the potential to alter your life. A dog is a member of the family, and it comes with responsibilities like any human. If you’ve decided to take the puppy plunge, your next question might be whether to adopt your dog from a rescue or buy from a breeder.

There are substantial pros and cons to both options, and these will vary by household and lifestyle. You’ll want to consider your schedule, house size, family size, and which breeds you prefer.

If you have a specific breed in mind, breeders like Snowy Pines White Labs are the most practical choice. Esteemed breeders have a wealth of knowledge and provide quality advice on taking care of your new pet. These breeders often offer training as well, meaning your new addition will be ready for a seamless transition into your household. 

That’s not to say that the pound isn’t worth its weight in gold for dog parents-to-be. Adopt vs. shop is a huge decision, but it’s one you make with confidence by following some of these guidelines.

Benefits of adopting

You’re looking for a canine companion, and these dogs are looking for love they probably haven’t received thus far. Adopting a shelter dog is often a win-win for a happy family. You can cuddle up next to your new best friend, knowing that you took an animal out of a bad situation. 

Another significant benefit of adopting is the cost. When you adopt from a rescue, you’ll likely only pay the adoption fee of a hundred or so dollars, depending on breed and age. For families looking for puppy love on a shoestring budget, adoption might be the best bang for your buck. 

Downsides of adopting

If you are leaning towards adopting a dog, there are a few essentials to keep in mind, such as: 

 Age of the dog



Sometimes, adopted dogs are trickier to train, especially older dogs. You are more likely to find adult dogs in shelters rather than puppies, so if you want a pup to play with your kiddos, adoption might not be the best choice. 

Adopted dogs are often good-natured, but some have aggressive temperaments. Make sure to spend plenty of time with your prospective pal before making the final decision. 

Why you should consider a breeder

Buying from a breeder is more expensive, yes, and frequently you will have to travel to your new pet or pay transportation fees. However, the upsides of purchasing your wet-nosed wonder from a breeder are nothing to sneeze at. 

Breeders are guaranteed to have puppies available, so your kids can grow up alongside the family dog. Puppies are easier to train, and you’ll know their entire history, meaning there won’t be any nasty surprises in the form of personality or temperament issues. 

Also, breeders spend tons of time with their dogs and understand their quirks and tendencies. The breeder can help you find the best match for your lifestyle, whether active or relaxed. Breeders are there every step of the way to ensure the happiness of both you and your new dog.

Before you go

Remember that no matter which route you take towards your dog days, the lives of your family and your dog will change forever. If you take time to research and figure out what you want from a new pet, costs, breed, and activity level, you are bound to find a lifelong companion. 

Every dog has its day, and your family could be the match a breeder puppy or shelter dog is waiting for.