Essential Things That Every CrossFit Enthusiast Should Own

By  //  October 16, 2021

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The world of CrossFit has become a very popular and growing sport. People all around the world are joining in with their own local box (CrossFit gym) to train and work out together. As you can imagine, all the athletes that choose the CrossFit way of life will need some essential things to perform at their best during workouts or competitions.

This list of essentials isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but it’s still an outline of some of the most important tools and resources in your CrossFit life.

A Fitness Watch

A high-quality fitness watch is one of the most important tools that you can own. You can check fitness watch for CrossFit here for the best options. Yes, your smartphone will track steps and count how many calories you’ve burned during workouts, but there are far more advanced features that a dedicated fitness watch might offer.

For example, some include an optional external chest heart monitor so you can measure your heart rate with near-perfect accuracy. If you use your fitness watch to keep track of every aspect of your workouts (including rest periods) then this kind of data is invaluable for improving technique and performance over time. It’s also useful because it gives you an idea of ​​how much work you are doing in comparison to others who are practicing the same exercise as part of a class in your box.   

A Kettlebell

For a full-body workout, there is no tool equal to the kettlebell. You can do a wide variety of basic exercises with these durable, cast-iron weights and you will develop strength and speed throughout your body. Your legs, core, shoulders, and arms will all be strengthened in ways that suit your specific goals when you use kettlebells frequently in your workouts or WODs (workout of the day).

It’s also important to add that it’s much better than dumbbells for CrossFit because you can easily switch from one exercise to another without having to change weights. Dumbbell training takes time and limits your options during certain exercises.

A Gymnastics Mat

The right kind of mat is just as important as the kettlebell. You probably won’t be carrying your mat with you to each class, but it’s definitely one of the essentials every CrossFit enthusiast should own. Think about doing box jumps or crashing down quickly after a workout – without this equipment you will feel much more pain than usual. It’s much better to buy a good quality mat that looks nice and can last for years than to go cheap and regret it in just a few months because it means extra cleaning costs (and lower convenience).

A Quality Pair Of Shoes

Swapping between different activities is standard fare when you’re involved in CrossFit training, whether it’s weightlifting or high-intensity sprinting. You know that forcing your feet into the wrong shoes will be sore and uncomfortable, so it’s really important to take this into account when buying.

Investing in a pair of shoes that are designed for CrossFit will pay itself back within months if not weeks – because they offer better stability and comfort during workouts – as well as better grip, especially on the type of mats mentioned above.

A Quality Water Bottle

Keeping your body hydrated is a critical element to training performance. If you can’t drink enough water between WODs then your muscles won’t have the energy to push them hard without breaking down.

A proper bottle with a large storage capacity will hold at least 1 liter of fluid, which should be more than enough for most people. In addition, a good quality full-sized water bottle will last for years, eliminating the need to replace your equipment constantly.

These are some of the most important tools and resources that you will need to be a part of your CrossFit life. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to take up this sport as an amateur or professional – having the right equipment for your workouts is extremely beneficial.